Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Hunt for the ghost of Sweet Lips at Smyrna Cemetery

On May 5, 2017 we did a investigation at the Smyrna cemetery. This cemetery is said to be haunted by a Shawnee Sorceress named Sweet Lips who was killed by her tribe because she betrayed them.
The history about her and the cemetery is: Sweet Lips fell in love with a white man during the war, they had to part due to a conflict of interest. Sweet Lips promised the white man Indian land in exchange for marriage. Years later after the war was over the white man came back to claim his land, he met 2 male Shawnee Indians and he told them his story about the land that was promised to him by Sweet Lips. They were not happy to hear this and they ran the white man off the land. The men went back to camp and confronted Sweet Lips and she admitted to promising the land to the white man. The tribe made her dig her own grave then kneel over it, then she was tomahawked in the back of the head and she fell into the grave that she had dug and that is where they buried her. Now this is a very old cemetery and a lot of the graves have no grave makers or tombstone. They are working to restore this cemetery. In the grave where Sweet Lips is buried there is actually someone else buried on top of her. She use to have a stone that said "FEAR ME" on it but someone took it. When we were doing our day time investigation we met a very nice gentleman who was working to restore the cemetery. He was so sweet and told us a lot of history about the cemetery and Sweet Lips. He even pointed out where she was buried as most people who visit have picked the wrong grave. He told us that when he was young him and some of his friends where in the cemetery at night at the pond that use to be behind the cemetery and something let out a scream, the boys took off running they had to go over a fence and he got stuck in the fence and fell. He said that while he was trying to get up a cold blast of air went over him. He said he knows that something is in the cemetery. He is not sure if it is Sweet Lips or not but there is something that is not human lurking around. The claims that people have is one head stone glows brighter then any other in the cemetery, the same stone is said to have a fog/mist like object around it, someone took a photo and a ghostly dog appeared in the photos, there is also sightings of a Indian woman roaming around the cemetery, When we were there during the day we got a lot of words on our Ovilus that makes sense with the history of Sweet Lips. We got 2 knocks on our EVP audio that you can hear here http://dougedoug400.wixsite.com/kentuckyspiritchaser/evp
In one pic of the headstone where Sweet Lips is buried there is what appears to be a face on the stone.
When Doug entered the cemetery he started coughing and did not stop till he walked away from Sweet Lips grave. In one pic we got what looks like a mist or a fog around Sweet Lips grave. We took a pic of the woods towards the back of the cemetery where the gentlemen was telling us about the scream and we caught something that looks like a person screaming. On our temperature reader at Sweet Lips grave we started at 25c and the temp dropped to 9.7c then to 6.9c. We did not get much of anything when we went back to do our night investigation. We got some strange orbs and my infrared camera took one good picture and the other ones after that did not take. All in all this was a good investigation and this cemetery is pretty creepy even it was not haunted, I mean they even have a tombstone that looks like a head. 
Have you ever been to see if you can find Sweet Lips?? If so let us know what you saw or found.
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As with all places but especially cemeteries if you visit please please be respectful. 
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself and can not be used without our permission. 

Looks like someone is in the woods screaming.

Tombstone shaped like a head

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