Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stull's Country Store Visit

We took a visit to Andyville, Ky to visit Stull's Country Store. I know most of you are probably thinking the same thing I was thinking...where in the world is Andyville, Ky?? It is pretty much out in the middle of no where but to get there it is a very nice drive.
I was there twice, once as a road trip with my parents as my dad loves places like this and he loves general stores. The second time I was there for a photo shoot at one of the abounded house that is there. When I was there both times, I visited the store. The first time we had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the store Maury. She was such a pleasure to meet and talk to. She made us feel so very welcome and she took the time to talk to my dad and tell him some of the history of the store and her dad. My dad had such an amazing time talking with her, he was so happy. She gave us some stickers, can koozies, and some bottle water for our long drive back home. It was like we were old friends and we have known her forever. The second time I was there, I went into the store to buy my dad a birdhouse that Maury's dad makes. Maury was not working that day but the lady that was working was so sweet. This store really makes you feel like your are part of their family no matter if this is the first time you have been there or if you are there every day. Now about the store they sell a little bit of everything. They have been in business since 1972. They have a deli and they will make you lunch while you are there. They have a little place you can sit inside. They also have award winning BBQ and they have rocking chairs on the porch that you can sit and chit chat. They serve the BBQ from Derby Day till Labor Day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
They also sell some of the cutest t-shirts and sweatshirts. I just can not say enough about this store or the people that work there.
I love small towns like this. It would be so nice if the world had more stores and people like them that make you feel so welcome and treat you like family not a stranger.
Please make sure you like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Stulls-Country-Store-105605079494777/
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  1. Thanks Lyinn for your kind words and card. Glad you get what we are doing in Andyville. You guys are always welcome here. Rock and Write On!