Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Veal's Ice Tree

This winter I had the honor to visit Veal's Ice Tree. I was taken back by how beautiful this creation was. I have seen pictures of it and always thought it was beautiful, but until you see it for yourself up close you don't really know how beautiful it is.
A little history on the Ice tree: (I found this info on their webpage) Winter of 1961 the family was spraying water on the hill to make a ice slide onto the pond. During the night a strong wind blew the spray onto some honeysuckle bushes. It was so beautiful that they sprayed water onto the bushes giving you the ice trees you see today.
March 05, 2014 was the tallest ice tree, it was 79 feet. This has been a family tradition for 50 years. It is created with near by pond water and brush, wood and other things. I did not get the pleasure of meeting Ms. Veal but we did exchange emails and she is a very nice lady. You can tell they are glad to have people show up and look at the tree. She was so sweet and kind. I look forward to meeting her this coming winter when we take a trip back to see the tree again. I think this is something you can make a family tradition of as the tree is different every year.
The family does not charge to visit nor do the accept donations. I think that is a wonderful thing that they take their time to make something this beautiful that is a work of God and nature and share it with us free of charge.
Make sure you check the Ice Tree out this winter and show the Veal family some love.
In a day and time where everyone is so mean and rude and it seems like they only care for themselves it is nice to see a family who does this and we all can enjoy it.
The tree is located at 11333 Southeastern Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.

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