Friday, January 6, 2017

Santa Claus, Indiana

I am a BIG fan of Christmas and everything that goes along with it so I was beyond excited to take a trip to Santa Claus, Indiana. 
I have wanted to go here for a while now and never got around it it, also it doesn't seem like a place I would have as much fun at in the Spring and Summer time. I wanted to go when it was the holiday time and experience what Christmas is like there.
I have to say I love this place. We had so much fun and there was so much to see and do. There is all kinds of little places to shop and get unique item for Christmas, there is a Santa Claus church, museum, candy castle (which I am not going to lie had to be my favorite place..lol.), there is Santa toys and Santa's post office which if you mail your cards or letters from there they will be post marked with the Santa Claus, Indiana post mark. People come from all over just to send their cards so they can have that post mark and I was one of those people. It was so cool when my family and myself received our cards and they had that post  mark on it.
If you would like to go in the summer time they also have Holiday world and splashin's safari water park and theme park.
There is also Lake Rudolph and RV Resort that you can stay at.
Like I said, we had a blast while we were there. We visited the stores, the museums, and even got to see Santa himself.
Everywhere you look while you are there you will see Santa Claus so make sure you look on top of the buildings because sometimes he is hiding up there :)
If you have been to Santa Claus, Indiana let me know what you thought of it.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself and can not be used without our permission. 

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