Thursday, December 29, 2016

Scuba Santa At Newport Aquarium 2016

We visited Scuba Santa at the Newport Aquarium again this year. This is our second year to visit him.
This is an awesome thing to see. If you don't have kids do not let that stop you from going and seeing him. We are all kids at heart and can all use a little Christmas magic. 
This year I am not sure if it had to do with the fact that we went on a Tuesday during the early afternoon or if that is how they are doing it this year, but we were able to 'meet" Santa and talk to him.
Lat year when we went, we sit in the room where he was and listened as he read a book and talked to the kids then we all lined up to get a photo with him if you wanted. This year was a lot more fun. We got to go up one at a time and talk to him and his elf and then we could get pictures. It was a really neat experience.
This year they also had bubbles that came down from the ceiling which was really neat.
I love the aquarium and I am so happy they offer this amazing experience every year. I have people on my Facebook page that live in other states and they are all in aw every time we go. 
Scuba Santa is still at the aquarium. I think he will be there till December 30th so go and check it out and have a nice chat with him.
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