Saturday, September 10, 2016

Winchester, Ohio Cemetery

 Sunday August 28th Doug, Beth, and myself went to do a little investigation at the Winchester cemetery in Winchester, Ohio. Beth's husband Nick came with us. This cemetery claims to have a tombstone of an angle that cries real tears. We did not see that but we did get some strange things. The tombstone that was suppose to cry real tears got colder the higher up near the sun, there was a grave next to that one that we were trying to get a woman named Lavanda to turn the flashlight on. While we were sitting there we got a lot of activity on our spirit box and 2 names came across that was Harper and Ethan. After we got home Doug looked Lavanda up and found out her 2 great grand kids name were Harper and Ethan. Also while we were at that grave we had our voice recorder on and when we asked if she wanted us to leave we got almost an evil sounding "GET OUT". It was not heard on any of our videos. As we moved down the cemetery Beth and Myself was on one side and Doug and Nick were on the other when me and Beth heard dogs that sounded like they were attacking Doug and Nick. I radioed over to Doug and asked if they were ok and they said they did not hear any dogs barking. We picked it up on our voice recorder but on Doug's and Nick you don't hear any dogs. On the side that me and Beth was on there is a child's area and there is a lot of kids and babies that are buried there that passed away a long time ago. In 3 different tombstones I picked up images of kids. We also picked up the image of what looks like a solider on one of the other tombstones and what looks like an Indian on another one.
This was a active cemetery and we will be going back to see if we can get even more activity.
If you would like to see more pictures follow our Facebook group page at Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures.
We also founded the paranormal team Kentucky Spirit Chaser. If you would like to hear some of our voice recordings this is the link to our page http://dougedoug400.wixsite.com/kentuckyspiritchaser

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