Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cynthiana, Ky Cemetery Ghost hunt

We were taken a little road trip and on our way we went through Cynthiana, Ky. On our way though there we spotted this cemetery that had some pretty old graves in it so we decided to stop and do a little investigation. While we were there we did find a few things that were odd and a few things that were paranormal. 
The couple of odd things we found was one of the headstones was a family one and it had 3 names on it. Two of the names had the date of birth and date of death, the other name which was Maggie had her date of birthday and 19 for the death and nothing else. That was a little odd to see a headstone that was not filled in all the way unless Maggie is still alive and if that is the case I say great for her because she is a 134 years old.
The other odd stone was of a woman who passed away in 1902 at the age of 22 years old. Also on the stone is the name of two babies who passed away in 1899 and 1902. The way they are listed it has the woman and one child that passed away in 1902 and the one that passed away in 1899 was last. Now most stones I have seen they are the other way around. The one that died in 1899 should be first then the other two. So those were just a couple of the odd things we saw, now on to the paranormal things we found.
I took a pic of a tombstone and there was a tree next to them, you can see what looks like an image on the tree. 
On a tombstone in another pic it looks like the outline of a person. 
I also was doing a few videos and in one of the videos I am sitting by a grave talking to Grace and in the video at 2:17 you can hear a whisper that says daughter. 
All in all for this to be a daytime investigation we got some pretty good stuff. I can not see any place on the gates of the cemetery that says it closes at dark so we might contact the police and see if we can do a night time hunt.
If you have been here and have seen anything or if you know any information on this cemetery please share, I would love to hear about it.
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This is so sad to see broken headstones

Maggie's headstone that does not have the date of death on it.
The dates that are in wrong order
Image on tree
Image on tombstone
                                            At 2:17 you can hear a whisper that says daughter 

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