Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jane's Saddlebag Visit

We took a trip last week to Jane's Saddlebags in Union, Ky.
This is a very pretty place that is pretty much out in the country. They have a old general store, a place to eat and petting farm. I bought my tickets off of Groupon and when I was checking out I started to read the reviews. I came across a few reviews where people who have bought the Groupon to this place were confused. They said after they went to Jane's they were not quite sure about what they bought. I thought well that's strange you are buying the Groupon to visit the place what is there to be confused about. After our visit now I understand why there were confused as I am confused also. I saw where they were only going to be open till October so I sent them an email and told them, I bought tickets from Groupon to visit and I wanted to know when would be their last weekend. They emailed me back and said it was the weekend of October 21st.
We were going to visit on a Friday so on a Wed. I called them and told them, I bought tickets from Groupon to visit and I was going to visit that Friday. I wanted to know if they were having any school field trips on that day, the gentleman I spoke to said there was none scheduled.
OK so now for the part where I am confused. Like I said, I email and called and told them that I bought tickets off of Groupon to visit. When we got there on a Friday nothing was open except the restaurant. We went in there and I asked the guy working if this is where you go to pay and he said for what the food and I said no and showed him my Groupon on my phone and he told me that was only good for the petting farm across the street. I said OK thanks and was getting ready to head over there since I am an animal lover when the guy working at the restaurant told me they are only open on Saturday and Sundays but I am more then welcome to walk around the grounds and look at all the little buildings they have sit up. I was like hold on, I email and called and said we were visiting on a FRIDAY and we bought the tickets on Groupon and not one time did anyone say they are only good for Saturday and Sunday and nothing else would be open either.
It was neat to look at the little buildings they have and it was a great photo op for Doug but come on that is crazy someone should had told us it was Saturday and Sunday only.
When we were leaving there was another couple who showed up with their kids and they found out the same thing we did and I don't think they were very happy.
All in all this is a very pretty place and the one gentleman we talked to was very nice.
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cynthiana, Ky Cemetery Ghost hunt

We were taken a little road trip and on our way we went through Cynthiana, Ky. On our way though there we spotted this cemetery that had some pretty old graves in it so we decided to stop and do a little investigation. While we were there we did find a few things that were odd and a few things that were paranormal. 
The couple of odd things we found was one of the headstones was a family one and it had 3 names on it. Two of the names had the date of birth and date of death, the other name which was Maggie had her date of birthday and 19 for the death and nothing else. That was a little odd to see a headstone that was not filled in all the way unless Maggie is still alive and if that is the case I say great for her because she is a 134 years old.
The other odd stone was of a woman who passed away in 1902 at the age of 22 years old. Also on the stone is the name of two babies who passed away in 1899 and 1902. The way they are listed it has the woman and one child that passed away in 1902 and the one that passed away in 1899 was last. Now most stones I have seen they are the other way around. The one that died in 1899 should be first then the other two. So those were just a couple of the odd things we saw, now on to the paranormal things we found.
I took a pic of a tombstone and there was a tree next to them, you can see what looks like an image on the tree. 
On a tombstone in another pic it looks like the outline of a person. 
I also was doing a few videos and in one of the videos I am sitting by a grave talking to Grace and in the video at 2:17 you can hear a whisper that says daughter. 
All in all for this to be a daytime investigation we got some pretty good stuff. I can not see any place on the gates of the cemetery that says it closes at dark so we might contact the police and see if we can do a night time hunt.
If you have been here and have seen anything or if you know any information on this cemetery please share, I would love to hear about it.
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This is so sad to see broken headstones

Maggie's headstone that does not have the date of death on it.
The dates that are in wrong order
Image on tree
Image on tombstone
                                            At 2:17 you can hear a whisper that says daughter 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Winchester, Ohio Cemetery

 Sunday August 28th Doug, Beth, and myself went to do a little investigation at the Winchester cemetery in Winchester, Ohio. Beth's husband Nick came with us. This cemetery claims to have a tombstone of an angle that cries real tears. We did not see that but we did get some strange things. The tombstone that was suppose to cry real tears got colder the higher up near the sun, there was a grave next to that one that we were trying to get a woman named Lavanda to turn the flashlight on. While we were sitting there we got a lot of activity on our spirit box and 2 names came across that was Harper and Ethan. After we got home Doug looked Lavanda up and found out her 2 great grand kids name were Harper and Ethan. Also while we were at that grave we had our voice recorder on and when we asked if she wanted us to leave we got almost an evil sounding "GET OUT". It was not heard on any of our videos. As we moved down the cemetery Beth and Myself was on one side and Doug and Nick were on the other when me and Beth heard dogs that sounded like they were attacking Doug and Nick. I radioed over to Doug and asked if they were ok and they said they did not hear any dogs barking. We picked it up on our voice recorder but on Doug's and Nick you don't hear any dogs. On the side that me and Beth was on there is a child's area and there is a lot of kids and babies that are buried there that passed away a long time ago. In 3 different tombstones I picked up images of kids. We also picked up the image of what looks like a solider on one of the other tombstones and what looks like an Indian on another one.
This was a active cemetery and we will be going back to see if we can get even more activity.
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