Friday, August 26, 2016

Paris Kentucky Cemetery

We did a day time investigation at the Paris Kentucky Cemetery. I love doing investigations at cemetery's especially around the older graves. I don't think that you have to only investigate places that are suppose to be haunted, you can find spirits anyplace from your house to cemetery's. 
While we were here the only thing that we heard was Doug got the name Martha on his voice box and there was a Martha buried close to were he was standing. 
I left my voice recorder on the window of a mosulem and really didn't pick anything up.
There is also a section there were babies and young children are buried, I didn't do to much around those graves as some of them passed away not to long ago but there was a few graves in the back that have been there for awhile and you can tell that nobody has visited them for a long time so I left a trigger item by two of the graves ( we put little race cars ) and I set my camcorder up and walked away we didn't pick much up there either. 
Just because we didn't get anything doesn't mean that if we go back at a later time or if you go you wont see anything.
This cemetery was founded in 1847 and it is a very pretty and well kept cemetery. 
I say this about every post I have done on cemetery's but if you visit this one or any cemetery for that matter please be respectful these are people loved ones. 
If you have any information on this cemetery or if you have seen anything there please let me know, I would love to hear about it. 
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