Sunday, July 17, 2016

American Sign Museum

We recently took a trip to the American sign museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a place that houses a lot of signs.
The building is around 19,000 square feet of exhibit space with another 20,000 waiting for development. 
They also have 28 feet ceilings to help house the larger signs as well as a working neon shop. 
They have almost every kind of signs you can think of from the Fischer's Big Boy to older signs. This is a really neat place to visit and if you have anyone in your family who is into signs they will love it!!!
They are located at 1330 Monmouth Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Admission is $15.00 for adults, children 12 and under are free, Seniors 65 and up is $ 10.00.
You can also get a membership to the museum. They also offer guided tours, we did not take that one we just walked around our self's and looked at all the signs and took photos. Even though this is a big building it will not take you long to go through it.
It was neat to see these signs but it is not someplace that I will be visiting again, for me it was one of those I want to see it and I did. I really think the $15.00 is a little much to pay for what you are seeing.
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