Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Washington Opera House Haunted by Loretta Stambo

When we took a trip to Maysville, Kentucky to tour the Washington Opera House, I knew there was one thing I wanted to see and find out about inside this opera house and that was were Loretta Stambo body was buried at.
Our tour guide we had was Mike Thomas, you will never meet a nicer person then him. We learned so much about the history of the opera house and some of the people who have performed and visited  it. When I asked Mike about the story of Loretta, he was more then happy to tell us what he knew and share some of his own stories with me. He also took us and showed us where she is buried at.
By the way I guess I should tell you where she is buried and what it has to do with the opera house. Loretta is buried in the basement of the opera house in what was and still is the dressing room. She is buried under  a brick floor. Loretta was a performer ( a dancer) in the 1800`s who loved the Washington Opera House more then any other place she performed at.
She always said that when she died she wanted to buried in the opera house.
One night when she was performing at the opera house she was ill but she performed anyway and she collapsed on stage. After she collapsed she was taken to hotel on Market Street where she passed away. They brought her back to the opera house and buried her there.
There has been many stories of people seeing Loretta or things happening around the brick floor where she is buried at as well as in the opera house.
One thing is for sure no one walks on the brick floor where she is buried. Mike said there is no way he would walk on it and neither did we.
Where she is buried at is the only place in the dressing room that has bricks on its floor.
While we were down there and taken pictures, we did not see anything but you do get the feeling that someone is watching over the stage and protecting it which would make sense since this woman loved this place so much. From where she is buried you can see out onto the stage.
The opera house is located at 116 West 2nd Street.
If you would like to read my post on the opera house here is the link. http://lyinnwolf.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-washington-opera-house.html
I want to thank Mike Thomas for giving us a tour and taken the time to tell us all about Loretta and letting us see where she is buried.
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Loretta's grave from the stage..she has a good view

View from the stage

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