Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kentucky Down Under

We took a trip to Kentucky Down Under and let me just say this was a BLAST!!! If you have read anything on my blog or if you know me in person then you know I am a BIG BIG animal lover and anytime I can play with them I am in heaven.
The main reason I wanted to go here was because they have Kangaroo's..yes I said Kangaroo's in Kentucky...OHHHH MYYYY GOD!!!! I was beyond excited!!!!
Kentucky Down Under also has other animals that you can visit and you can feed some of them and they also have a cave that you can go through and you can watch shows at certain times of the day.
This is a great place to visit and the memories that you can make from playing with the kangaroo's will last a lifetime. 
I got to feed them some carrots. The guy who took us in with them showed us how he trained them to take carrots. He held one end of the carrot in his mouth and they would take it from him. He said the kangaroo's have to feel like they can trust you to do that, well one must had trust me because it took the carrot from me. It was a younger one and so freaking cute. I loved it.
I would recommend everyone checking this place out. All of the people that we came in contact with was so sweet and friendly. I can not say enough good things about our visit. We loved it!!!!
The only thing that I would warn you about this place is that after you go in and get your tickets you will have to walk up a hill. This is a step long hill and it might be hard for some people to walk it. You don't know about the hill till you are heading up it. They do have golf carts that you can rent and ride around in while you are there.
Kentucky Down Under is located in Cave City Kentucky.
Their website is http://www.kentuckydownunder.com/
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I was in heaven to say the least

Doug and a little birdie taken a selfie 

Love that face

Doug and the little bird looking at their selfie 

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