Monday, June 20, 2016

Haunted Phillip's Folly`

When we were in Maysville, Kentucky we went by Phillip's Folly house. This house is said to be haunted. 
Maysville`s second mayor, William Phillips built the house that has 12 rooms and is located on Third and Sutton street in 1831.
There is a hidden room in this house, as Phillip's was a slave owner and the basement of this home held a cell where he kept his slaves. There has been ghostly sighting all through this house. Some people say the cellar is where the most hunting's take place. There is also a ghost of a dog that is seen from time to time in the house. 
There  has been people who have reported all kinds of haunted things that have taken place here from hearing people when no one is around to someone stroking their hair.
This is a beautiful house that you can now tour. When we were there they were not open but I will be going back to tour it and see if we can see of feel anything.
If you have been here and have experienced something or if you know anything about this place please feel free to share, I would love to know more about it.
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