Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cemetery in the middle of Louisville Zoo

I am a lover of strange things, I like to find things that are different and that you don't see everyday. Well on our trip to the Louisville Zoo, I found just that.
I have heard that there is a cemetery in the middle of the zoo and this is not a cemetery where the bury the zoo animals when they pass away, oh no this is a human cemetery.
So as we were walking up the path to see the giraffe's Doug grabbed my arm and told me to look to the left and sure enough there was the cemetery!!!
This is a small cemetery that contains some very old graves. It is so pretty and sits surround by a garden. For me being the animal lover that I am this would be the perfect place to be buried.
So when you are visiting places even if it is just a zoo keep your eyes open, you never know what strange thing you might see.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself and can not be used without permission.
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