Sunday, February 28, 2016

Witch Tree/Witch Hill in Alexandria, Ky.

I love a good urban legend so when ever I hear about one that is close to me, I have to check it out.
I have heard about the legend of Witches Tree/Witch hill for awhile so a few weeks ago we decided to check it out.
The legend about this place is: Sometime in the 17 or 1800's there was 3 women living near this spot and many say they were witches so much so that they caught them doing some kind of witchcraft . After they were caught they escaped down the Ohio river. They then went down the Licking River and hid out there for awhile before they were finally caught again. All 3 of them were hung from a tree at the same time. Before they died they put a curse on the tree and any person who tried to cut it down. After their death 3 hills that are very evenly placed showed up. They are said to be where the witches are buried. 
People have said that if they tried to cut the tree down that their chainsaws would stop working, axes would break and other things would happen. 
Someone finally cut the tree down but they said they were so disturbed that the tree ended up chained to another tree in a church lot.
When we went, we saw one church but did not see any tree chained to another tree. We did not go all the way to the end of the road so there could be another church down the end that has the tree in its yard.
We did see where the tree once stood and the 3 hills in the road. The 3 hills are very evenly spaced and are the exacted same size. 
The place where the tree once stood is a little creepy part of the road.  
We did not experience anything while we were there, but I have read where people have had all kinds of strange things happen to them.
Even if we did not have anything happen or see anything it was fun to check out this local urban legend for ourselves.
Witches Tree is located off the AA highway on Rifle Road.
If you have been there let me know what you thought or saw.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself.
Facebook group page: Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures.

Where the 3 Witches are said to be buried.

Driving over the 3 hills. 

The place where the tree once stood.

Taken with my infrared/night vision camera. 


  1. We used to go here but when we were young a dumb, we used to go out there at night and "jump" the witches, meaning we just took our car over the bumps SUPER FAST and that was fun. We did however get out once, we always did this late late at night where we wouldn't get caught and we just got a super creepy feeling and started hearing some stuff and got back into the car and bolted out of there, but we could have just been imaging things as well.