Saturday, January 23, 2016

Haunted 1811 Jail in Augusta, Kentucky

We took a trip to Augusta, Ky and while we were there we check out the 1811 jail they have there. This is said to be the oldest standing jail in Ky. It is said to still have it's original foundation and that John Dillinger spent a night here when he was younger. It is neat to see how small and different jails were back then compared to what they look like today. 
This jail is also said to be haunted. There have been several paranormal groups that have done investigations there and they have heard footsteps, saw shadows and got some readings on their EVP's.
I like history so even if this place was not suppose to be haunted, I would still want to check it out. It sets in this very small park called Appleman Park. 
When we were looking around the building we did not see or hear anything out of the unusual. I want to find out who to contact and see about doing a ghost hunt inside. If we get to, I will do a post and let you know what we found.
If you have been to this place and have seen or heard anything please let me know. I would love to hear your stories.
Disclaimer:  All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Zombie Nativity Scene

I have heard so much about this Zombie Nativity Scene that is located in Cincinnati, Ohio that I had to go and check it out for myself. This has been in the news and in papers around the world. Some people are calling it offensive and some say that this man should not be allowed to have this set up in his yard. Now I am not going to do this post and defend the man that owns the nativity nor am I going to be against him, I am just going to tell you what I thought about it when I went to see it. I am all for Christmas and I have a big love for Halloween. So I really do not see anything wrong with it. Like I said at the beginning of this blog this is set up in this mans own yard, at his house that he lives in with his son. It is not set up on some public place or some government place. So my whole issue I have with this is why does EVERYBODY thinks it is there business what everyone else does??? When we went to see this we had to turn down this little street and that is where his house sits. There is only about 2 other house on the street that we saw so my whole thing is if you don't like it don't look at it. Just drive on by and don't give it another thought. As I was waiting on Doug to take pics and looking at the Zombies I couldn't help but think if the man that owns this one had a regular nativity scene the same people would more then likely be complaining because he had Jesus in his yard. It seems that in this day and time people have so much time on their hands that they can set around and come up with a bunch of crap to complain about. They need to stop worrying about what other people are doing and mind their own business. If this scene is not for you then by all means don't look at it, don't go to it and most of all don't worry about it. Take some of that time that you are spending worrying about it and put that time and energy into something worth while like helping someone.
While we were there we met  Jason Dixon, the man that owns the nativity. He was a very nice man and his little boy was so cute and sweet. 
So here is my thoughts on the nativity..I chose myself to go and visit it, no one made me go. If it wasn't for me or if I didn't like it, I would just let it go and move on not go and start complaining about it.So if you don't like it don't GO simple as that. Yes this may not be the "traditional" nativity that people are use to seeing but so what. People are different and they have different likes and like I said if it is not hurting anyone then let it be. Plus people are complaining about the "traditional" ones also. 
I can not believe how EVERYONE is offended by EVERYTHING. People just need to chill out and do their own thing and let other people be. 
So I say Jason Dixon, I applaud you for taken a stand and doing your thing, I will be visiting you this coming Christmas if you still have your nativity scene.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Haunted Hayswood Hospital Visit

We took a trip to Maysville, Ky to visit the Hayswood hospital. I have been so interested in this place for a long time. I have read pretty much everything there is out there on this place. I have always wanted to visit it. 
We went to the hospital during the day and let me just say it is as creepy during the day as it is at night. 
As you come down the hill to the hospital it pretty much sits on the sidewalk. It is 3 stories and from some of the broken the windows you can still see the big round lights that they use in the operating room. 
This use to be the hospital where people from 6 county area came to for treatment. It was built in the 1800's and was called Hayswood Seminary, then it was turned into the Wilson Infirmary which was opened til 1908. It was in 1915 when they started to turn it into the Hayswood Hospital. 
Some of the haunted history of this building is: People have heard voices and people yelling from inside the hospital, they have heard babies crying, and have seen phantom Doctors in the hallways, there has been reports of footsteps when there is no one in the building.
This building is one hell of a creepy place, you get the feeling like you are being watched when you are there. The inside of the building looks like the people just left and I mean left in a hurry. Some of hospital beds still sit in the hallway and rooms, there is trays and hospital equipment all over the floor, it is just a mess. I know when I was inside, I could not get my camera to work. Speaking of inside we had permission to enter this building and even then I felt like we were breaking the law. There is a NO TRESPASSING sign on the gate. I can not state this enough DO NOT ENTER this building. The second and third floors are falling down to the floors below it, it is full of mold and asbestos and it is so filthy. I did not go to all levels as I was to scared of the floors falling through. Also it was so hard to breath in there.
As we were leaving I took a bunch of pictures outside with my infrared camea, while waking around out there I got the feeling that someone was looking at me. When we came home and I went through all of the pictures in the window where I felt like someone was watching me there is a picture of what looks like a little kid looking out the window.
We also captured a picture of what looks like a "ghost" image in one of the window but when Doug took a pic of me by the hospital with the same window behind me there is nothing there, and Doug captured what looks like a baby in the window that use to be the baby ward. 
All in all it was a good trip and we came up with a few good pics and I can take it off of my haunted places to visit bucket list. If you have been to this place please share what you have seen, I would love to hear about it.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.
Facebook group page is: Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures. 

The image in the window
Close up of the image in the window
Some strange "Angel" looking thing
Close up of the "Angels" in the window
The kid looking out the window
Close up of the kid looking out the window
Baby image??