Monday, November 16, 2015

Mt. Healthy Museum

                               We visited the Mt. Healthy Museum today and was welcomed by two volunteers (I won't name them because I didn't ask if it was ok to mention them)... who were very nice. First they showed us a one family house that actually was the toll house that was on Hamilton Ave.  that had all but two rooms in it with a fireplace. Outside of the house was a signage that persons had to pay for toll.  Next we went to the Free Meeting House and we toured the museum with lots of items from days gone by, such as an original Thomas Edison phonograph that actually played, and a organ, the kind with the pull/push buttons for instruments that played as well. This house was used for religious congregation as there were no churches in the area in 1825 and had to be reserved ahead of time and if there was a disputed on who had it next, they rolled dice to resolve the matter.
                               There are reported strange things that have been seen there such as shadows moving, and feelings of being uncomfortable there. We asked the volunteers if they have heard or seen activity there , and they said a paranormal group came and stayed for awhile but felt nothing.....we had the same experience and thought nothing off it until we reviewed the pictures we took. Look at the picture of myself in front of the door at the toll house, do you see anything in the glass behind me?

Nothing here in the picture before?

Do you see it in the glass behind me?

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