Monday, September 7, 2015

Old Burlington Cemetery

I have lived in Burlington for about 28 years and I have been past the Old Burlington Cemetery more times then I can count, but the last couple of weeks for some reason I have been drawn to it so we decided to do a ghost hunt there. This is a cemetery were many of prominent people from Burlington are laid  to rest. There is tombstones here from the 1800's and 1900's, they are of former judges, government officials, and veterans. This is not a big cemetery, there is around 250 people buried here. I have never heard anything about this cemetery being haunted but like I said for a few weeks I have been drawn to it.
We went to investigate it twice, we went once during the day and again when it was dark. During our day visit we had a couple of strange things that happened to us. The first one was while standing in the cemetery about 20 yards from the car, Doug tried to lock his car and the power lock would not work until he walked out of the cemetery. His car lock will lock the door from inside Target but it would not work 20 yards from where he was standing. The 2nd thing that happened was Doug has one of the Canon Rebel T3 cameras and if you know anything about them, they have settings on the camera that can only change or be set by you, they do not automatically switch on their own. While he was standing between these two tombstones he took and pic and when he looked at the view finder on his camera the pic was really light, then he looked down at his camera and the settings were going crazy. They were changing all by themselves.  While there I set up my night vision camcorder  and did not pick anything up. Doug was using his voice recorder in the same spot, he turned it on and asked if anyone had anything to say and left it laying while we walked around, when we listened to it you can hear a mans voice saying help. In one of our pics of a mans tombstone we picked up a outline of a woman with a mans face in the upper left corner. 
When we went back at night, I used my night vision camera to recorded and I picked up some light that was coming from inside the cemetery and they were not car lights because I was far down the cemetery. 
This is a creepy old cemetery with a lot of history.
I did not see any signs that the cemetery closes at night but I only walked in for a couple of minutes to film. I did not want to stay in there because unfortunately this cemetery looks like it has been vandalized and I did not want a police officer coming by and seeing me in there and have to explain to him that I am hunting ghost so we stayed outside the gate which still gives you a great view. 
The cemetery is located on Bullittsville Road in Burlington.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself. 
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The man and woman

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