Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rose Hill Cemetery. Graves of John and Rebecca McClung

When we visited the McClung house we went down the street to visit the graves of John and Rebecca. They are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. This cemetery is said to be haunted by Rebecca. She is seen walking up to her own headstone, she looks like a real person not a shadow or mist. She is said to look just like she did when she was alive. They say she is upset that her husband is buried next to her. I would be upset also if the man who took my life and got away with it was buried next to me. 
The McClung family plot is marked by a large family obelisk that has their names on it. Their headstones are around the obelisk.
While we were there I set up my camcorder and just let it film, we did not pick anything up. We took a bunch of photos and when we got home and downloaded all of them in one of the photos by Rebecca grave on the obelisk is the bust and face of a woman. This did not show up in the pic that was taken of me standing by it so it is not light or sun or a shadow. If it was it would show up in the other pics. While I was having my pic taken standing there I told Rebecca I would be pissed if they buried the man next to me that took my life and I can understand why she roams around and in the next pic I took, I got the image of the woman. 
If you visit this cemetery to look for Rebecca talk to her and who knows maybe you will see her.
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Rose Hill Cemetery is located at 171 South Mason Montgomery Road. Mason, Ohio.
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself.

Image of lady


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