Tuesday, August 25, 2015

McClung House

For a while now I have been interested in the history of John and Rebecca McClung. So last weekend we took a trip to visit their house and grave. 
John and Rebecca lived in a house in Ohio. They were living there in 1901. John was very possessive of Rebecca and when I say possessive, I mean he went beyond possessive, he would not let her out of the house or to be seen in public. She spent her days in her upstairs bedroom looking out the window at the people outside. One night people heard a woman screaming in the house, when they went into the house they found Rebecca beat to death with a piece of firewood and John was standing by her covered in blood. He said he was in barn when her death happened. Everyone knew he had killed his wife, but when he went to trial for murder he was acquitted. Rebecca was buried down the street from her house ( there will be a post on that also ). When John passed away he was buried in the same plot. This house is now a restaurant. It has been a few things over the years, but one thing it has stayed is HAUNTED . No matter who buys this building or what they turn it into they can not remove the bloodstains from the floor where Rebecca was murdered. To this day it is said that the bloodstains are still there. There have been a lot of people that have reported Rebecca haunts this building. To this day people will still see her looking out of the upstairs window that use to be her bedroom. People have reported seeing a figure of a woman and then she just disappears. 
When she was killed they had to move her to the basement while they prepared her grave. People have reported hearing a female voice whispering their names when there is no one in the basement.
While we were there we did not see or feel anything. We went across the street and took some photos of the upstairs windows and nothing showed up. I did not go into the restaurant because they were closed. If you visit there and ask them they might just tell you the history of John and Rebecca and who knows maybe you will see Rebecca. 
The McClung house is located at 101 East Main Street. Mason, Ohio.
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