Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hartman's Rock Garden Visit

We visited Hartman's Rock Garden and let me say this has been on my list of places to visit. If you know me, or you can tell from this blog I love neat things and art. The kind of things you don't see every day. This is one of those places. This garden was built by one man H.G. Ben Hartman. He started this garden in 1932. He just wanted to build a stone and concrete fishing pond in his yard. He liked how it turned out and decided to keep going, building more and more things and the results is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!
He found stones from construction sites and broke it with a hammer and built his masterpieces. There is everything from the fishing pond to Lincolns log cabin, the front porch of the White House, Betsy Ross house, there is a tomb and Noah Arts as well as so much more. But the thing that I loved and found so beautiful was the castle. This is a huge castle with a drawbridge and moat and is said to be made with over 14,0000 stones. It is truly amazing!!
As you are walking around and looking at all of these beautiful works of art, it is so neat to know that one man was able to build something like this by hand with just stones. I was in aw the whole time I was there as I am sure everyone who has visited this place is.
We met a gentleman who was at the house and he was talking to us about how they are meeting with people to learn how to preserve the stones, he also told us that he has met people who have came from all over the world to see this work of art.
The garden is open to the public from dusk till dawn. There is no charge to enter the garden but they do accept donations so they can keep the garden going so everyone has a chance to see and enjoy it. I think it is so nice that this place is opened to the public so all can see it and Ben's legacy can live on for more years to come.
They are located at 1905 Russell Ave. Springfield, Ohio.
There web page is http://hartmanrockgarden.org/
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.

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