Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rose Hill Cemetery. Graves of John and Rebecca McClung

When we visited the McClung house we went down the street to visit the graves of John and Rebecca. They are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. This cemetery is said to be haunted by Rebecca. She is seen walking up to her own headstone, she looks like a real person not a shadow or mist. She is said to look just like she did when she was alive. They say she is upset that her husband is buried next to her. I would be upset also if the man who took my life and got away with it was buried next to me. 
The McClung family plot is marked by a large family obelisk that has their names on it. Their headstones are around the obelisk.
While we were there I set up my camcorder and just let it film, we did not pick anything up. We took a bunch of photos and when we got home and downloaded all of them in one of the photos by Rebecca grave on the obelisk is the bust and face of a woman. This did not show up in the pic that was taken of me standing by it so it is not light or sun or a shadow. If it was it would show up in the other pics. While I was having my pic taken standing there I told Rebecca I would be pissed if they buried the man next to me that took my life and I can understand why she roams around and in the next pic I took, I got the image of the woman. 
If you visit this cemetery to look for Rebecca talk to her and who knows maybe you will see her.
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Rose Hill Cemetery is located at 171 South Mason Montgomery Road. Mason, Ohio.
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Image of lady


McClung House

For a while now I have been interested in the history of John and Rebecca McClung. So last weekend we took a trip to visit their house and grave. 
John and Rebecca lived in a house in Ohio. They were living there in 1901. John was very possessive of Rebecca and when I say possessive, I mean he went beyond possessive, he would not let her out of the house or to be seen in public. She spent her days in her upstairs bedroom looking out the window at the people outside. One night people heard a woman screaming in the house, when they went into the house they found Rebecca beat to death with a piece of firewood and John was standing by her covered in blood. He said he was in barn when her death happened. Everyone knew he had killed his wife, but when he went to trial for murder he was acquitted. Rebecca was buried down the street from her house ( there will be a post on that also ). When John passed away he was buried in the same plot. This house is now a restaurant. It has been a few things over the years, but one thing it has stayed is HAUNTED . No matter who buys this building or what they turn it into they can not remove the bloodstains from the floor where Rebecca was murdered. To this day it is said that the bloodstains are still there. There have been a lot of people that have reported Rebecca haunts this building. To this day people will still see her looking out of the upstairs window that use to be her bedroom. People have reported seeing a figure of a woman and then she just disappears. 
When she was killed they had to move her to the basement while they prepared her grave. People have reported hearing a female voice whispering their names when there is no one in the basement.
While we were there we did not see or feel anything. We went across the street and took some photos of the upstairs windows and nothing showed up. I did not go into the restaurant because they were closed. If you visit there and ask them they might just tell you the history of John and Rebecca and who knows maybe you will see Rebecca. 
The McClung house is located at 101 East Main Street. Mason, Ohio.
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Shimmers Ballroom and Tavern

We went to check out the haunted Shimmers Ballroom and Tavern. Before I start telling you about the history of this building, I wanted to let you know that it is no longer Shimmers  they are gone. 
This building has a long history of problems. During the prohibition they sold illegally alcohol. The mafia was also involved in some crime in the building. During an argument one time a man was killed in the basement. If you are from Kentucky or Ohio then you know who Jerry Springer is. He was once the mayor of Cincinnati. Well in the parking lot of this building is a hotel and at that hotel is where Jerry got busted with a prostitute while he was mayor. Now come on, you have to be pretty damn stupid to be the mayor and hire a prostitute. 
There are a few ghost at Shimmers. The basement is suppose to be the most haunted. People have reported seeing shadows of a person and then it will vanish. In the building people have seen objects moving by themselves like chairs and glasses. 
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The building is located at 1939 Dixie Highway. Ft. Wright, Ky. 
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The hotel where Jerry Springer was busted

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hartman's Rock Garden Visit

We visited Hartman's Rock Garden and let me say this has been on my list of places to visit. If you know me, or you can tell from this blog I love neat things and art. The kind of things you don't see every day. This is one of those places. This garden was built by one man H.G. Ben Hartman. He started this garden in 1932. He just wanted to build a stone and concrete fishing pond in his yard. He liked how it turned out and decided to keep going, building more and more things and the results is nothing short of AMAZING!!!!
He found stones from construction sites and broke it with a hammer and built his masterpieces. There is everything from the fishing pond to Lincolns log cabin, the front porch of the White House, Betsy Ross house, there is a tomb and Noah Arts as well as so much more. But the thing that I loved and found so beautiful was the castle. This is a huge castle with a drawbridge and moat and is said to be made with over 14,0000 stones. It is truly amazing!!
As you are walking around and looking at all of these beautiful works of art, it is so neat to know that one man was able to build something like this by hand with just stones. I was in aw the whole time I was there as I am sure everyone who has visited this place is.
We met a gentleman who was at the house and he was talking to us about how they are meeting with people to learn how to preserve the stones, he also told us that he has met people who have came from all over the world to see this work of art.
The garden is open to the public from dusk till dawn. There is no charge to enter the garden but they do accept donations so they can keep the garden going so everyone has a chance to see and enjoy it. I think it is so nice that this place is opened to the public so all can see it and Ben's legacy can live on for more years to come.
They are located at 1905 Russell Ave. Springfield, Ohio.
There web page is http://hartmanrockgarden.org/
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Salt Festival at Big Bone Park

I was not going to do this post since I am behind on it but I figured since the festival will be going on again soon I would do it.
I took my parents and we went last year to the Salt Festival at Big Bone park. I am not trying to say anything negative about this event because I know that people like different things and not everyone likes the same stuff, but this was not for me. This was way to little house on the prairie for me. There was people that were staying in tents and some where dressed like they lived on little house. I am not into that kind of stuff, I went mostly for two reasons: one was to take my parents because my dad loves that kind of stuff and two was to check it out and see what it is all about since I have lived in Boone County almost 30 years and have never been to it. My dad loved it. I think most older people will like it. There is all kinds of events that take place, there is salt making, crafts, spear throwing, and lots more and also a lot of vendors set up. There is also food and drinks that you can purchase. They do charge you a fee to enter. I am not for sure how much it is this year.
The event takes place this year starting October 16 through the 18th. And like I said it is located at Big Bone Park.
I am sure my dad will be going this year but I think I will pass.  At least I went and saw what it is all about. If you have been please feel free to share your experiences and if you would like photos with us. I know this draws a large crowd and a lot of people really enjoy and that is great.
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My dad checking out the wagon 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Light Up Middletown, Ohio

We attended the Light Up Middletown this year. It was our first time going to this event. If you have never been to it, it is where they bring in hot balloons and when it turns dark they light all of the balloons up in a light show. They also had fireworks, rides for the kid, games, food and skydivers. There is a lot to see and do while there. They also offer tethered hot air balloon rides and helicopter rides. 
This was also park of  the Wounded Warriors weekend. It was really pretty to see the balloons in all the glow.
If Middletown has this next year, you should check it out. I am sure if you have kids they would love to see this. 
Disclaimer: All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself.