Sunday, June 21, 2015

King Arthur's Court Toy Store

We all know by now from reading my blog that I am a kid at heart. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to grow up and to always want to have a good time. So we visited King Arthur's Court toy store. This is an awesome toy store that has something for everyone. They have so many toys and games. They are located in Oakley and have been in business for over 30 years. With the Holidays being here before you know it, this is a place you might want to check out if you have little ones ( or older ones like myself who loves games, video games and any and all stuffed animals). The staff here is so pleasant and helpful oh and they also do free gift wrapping. I think there is something so neat about going to an actual toy store to buy toys instead of going to places like Walmart and Target. Maybe it just brings back so many good memories of when I was a child and my parents use to take me to the toy store. I loved it, it was wall to wall of all things fun and magical. The one I use to go to would send you a card on your birthday and there would be a key in it. On your birthday you could go to the toy store with your key in hand and use your key to open a castle door, and when you entered the castle there was all of these wrapped toys and you could pick one for your birthday. I thought that was the greatest thing. 
We were there at the end of October and they had their window display in some Christmas stuff. I loved the window display they do.
If you are looking for some toys make sure you check out King Arthur's Court, I bet you will feel like a kid again yourself when you walk in there. 
They are located at 3040 Madison Road. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
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