Sunday, June 21, 2015

Carol Ann’s Carousel

I am so in love with Carousels. I have loved them since I was a child so every time I see one, I have to take a ride on them. 
Doug took me to Carol Ann's Carousel that is located in Cincinnati at Smale Riverfront park. I loved this Carousel, it had so many beautiful animals. To me there is something so magical about a carousel. 
This one is enclosed in a glass building and it has 42 hand carved and hand painted animal characters and 2 stationary seats. I think it is neat how each characters tell a story of some of the history and traditions of Cincinnati. 
Doug was on The Zinzinnati Oktoberfest Horse, this was such a beautiful painted horse. I loved him. 
I was on the White Tiger, who had the most amazing blue eyes. I can not wait to go back and ride this again and look at more of the awesome detail that has gone into these animals. 
You are never to old to enjoy a ride on a carousel. When we were there, this older gentlemen who looked to be in his 80's was buying tokens for him and his wife to take a ride. He said they love to ride them and they ride on everyone they find. They were the cutest and sweetest couple. Carol Ann's Carousel is located at Smale Riverfront Park at the banks of Cincinnati. 
There is a charge to ride the carousel, you have to buy tokens and the tokens are priced as:
1 Ride $2.00
6 Rides $10.00
13 Rides $20.00
50 Rides $75.00
100 Rides $150.00
This is there website for more info    http://www.mysmaleriverfrontpark.org/carousel.htm
Disclaimer: I am not getting compensated nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All videos/photos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.  


  1. A lot of work went in to that carousel! I love the story about the 80 year old couple! VERY COOL!

  2. Yes there was a lot of work, it was so pretty. I loved that couple they were so cute