Monday, June 29, 2015

Friendship Indiana Flea market

I love to find unique and different things when I shop, I think it is fun to find things you don't see in stores. My dad is a big fan of yard sales and flea markets, twice a year him and Doug take a drive to the Friendship, Indiana Flea Market. He is always talking about some of the different things that they have there. So this year he talked me into going with him. So on a Tuesday myself, my mom, and my dad took a drive to Friendship. I was thinking this is most likely going to be like the other flea markets I have been to that pretty much have a lot of junk. When we got there and paid our $3.00 to park, we walked up the parking lot and the treasures was laying out in front of us on both side of the street. Now I did see a couple of booths that looked like all they had was junk but for the most part I loved this flea market. They have almost anything that you would want. The first booth we stopped at sold those wax burner melts that you use in a wax burner to make your house smell good, so me and my mom bought some of them and let me just say they smelled amazing. Then the next booth we stopped at sold hats and some of the hats they sold were fedoras. Now if you know me then you know that I love hats, so I had to get one of the fedoras and are you ready for this....they were only $5.00. They are made of good quality and they fit nice so for $5.00 that is like a steal. This place has a little bit of everything. They sell dress for like $7.00 and yard things and so much more. There is a lady there and she makes underwear and she can make any size you want. It is so funny she has them hanging from a line attached from one tree to another. 
If you are want something to eat, they have all kinds of food to chose from. 
All in all this was a neat place to visit and to do a little shopping. They will be back in September for 9 days from the 12 through the 20, so that would be a good time to check them out and maybe pick up a few Christmas gifts. 
If you have been to the Friendship flea market let me know what bargains or neat things you have found.  
 They are located on East SR 62 in Southeastern, Indiana. 
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid no did I receive anything for doing this post. All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself.   
My hat :)

My dad bought 2 of these for his yard, they are so cute and only $4.00

Some of the sundress they sell

All kind of Army things 

Neat toilet paper holders. 

Some of the hand made underwear

My dad checking out the underwear..lol..

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Carol Ann’s Carousel

I am so in love with Carousels. I have loved them since I was a child so every time I see one, I have to take a ride on them. 
Doug took me to Carol Ann's Carousel that is located in Cincinnati at Smale Riverfront park. I loved this Carousel, it had so many beautiful animals. To me there is something so magical about a carousel. 
This one is enclosed in a glass building and it has 42 hand carved and hand painted animal characters and 2 stationary seats. I think it is neat how each characters tell a story of some of the history and traditions of Cincinnati. 
Doug was on The Zinzinnati Oktoberfest Horse, this was such a beautiful painted horse. I loved him. 
I was on the White Tiger, who had the most amazing blue eyes. I can not wait to go back and ride this again and look at more of the awesome detail that has gone into these animals. 
You are never to old to enjoy a ride on a carousel. When we were there, this older gentlemen who looked to be in his 80's was buying tokens for him and his wife to take a ride. He said they love to ride them and they ride on everyone they find. They were the cutest and sweetest couple. Carol Ann's Carousel is located at Smale Riverfront Park at the banks of Cincinnati. 
There is a charge to ride the carousel, you have to buy tokens and the tokens are priced as:
1 Ride $2.00
6 Rides $10.00
13 Rides $20.00
50 Rides $75.00
100 Rides $150.00
This is there website for more info    http://www.mysmaleriverfrontpark.org/carousel.htm
Disclaimer: I am not getting compensated nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All videos/photos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.  

King Arthur's Court Toy Store

We all know by now from reading my blog that I am a kid at heart. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to grow up and to always want to have a good time. So we visited King Arthur's Court toy store. This is an awesome toy store that has something for everyone. They have so many toys and games. They are located in Oakley and have been in business for over 30 years. With the Holidays being here before you know it, this is a place you might want to check out if you have little ones ( or older ones like myself who loves games, video games and any and all stuffed animals). The staff here is so pleasant and helpful oh and they also do free gift wrapping. I think there is something so neat about going to an actual toy store to buy toys instead of going to places like Walmart and Target. Maybe it just brings back so many good memories of when I was a child and my parents use to take me to the toy store. I loved it, it was wall to wall of all things fun and magical. The one I use to go to would send you a card on your birthday and there would be a key in it. On your birthday you could go to the toy store with your key in hand and use your key to open a castle door, and when you entered the castle there was all of these wrapped toys and you could pick one for your birthday. I thought that was the greatest thing. 
We were there at the end of October and they had their window display in some Christmas stuff. I loved the window display they do.
If you are looking for some toys make sure you check out King Arthur's Court, I bet you will feel like a kid again yourself when you walk in there. 
They are located at 3040 Madison Road. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Disclaimer: I am not getting compensated nor did I receive anything for doing this post.  
All videos/photos are copyrighted of Doug and myself.