Sunday, May 10, 2015

William Henry Harrison Tomb

We visited the tomb of our 9th president, William Henry Harrison. I think it is so neat that you can find things like this in your own town. It is cool to know that someone who ran the United States of America is buried not far from where you live. Guess it is the history nerd in me that finds these things interesting. 
This is the final resting place of William Henry Harrison, his wife Anna, and their son John Scott Harrison, who was a Congressman and father to the 23 president Benjamin Harrison.
President Harrison passed away in 1841 just one month after taken office. He was original buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, in June of that year he was moved to his final resting place, which is the tomb. 
If you are into history then this is a place you should visit. When you get to the tomb the view of the Ohio River is beautiful. 
The tomb is located at Brower Road and Cliff Road. North Bend, Ohio.  
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