Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lucy Run Road and Cemetery

We did a little ghost hunting at Lucy Run Road and Cemetery. The place is suppose to be haunted by the ghost of love sick Lucy Robinson who drowned in the 1800's.  Lucy was engaged to be married to this man and one night he came to tell her that he fell in love with someone else. It was dark and storming and she took off on her horse to chase after her love. It was raining hard and either she missed the bridge that crossed the creek or her horse lost his footing, either was she was thrown from the horse and landed in the creek. Because of the storm the creek was roaring. 
She lived across the street from the creek up on a hill which is now where the cemetery is and where she is buried. She  lived there with Charles Robinson who was either her father or her uncle. 
To this day people have said that they see her walking from the creek across the street and back up the hill to the cemetery which use to be her house. 
One time they were filming a piece for the Dayton area television a vision of Lucy walked behind the guy doing the piece. They didn't see her while filming but when they played back the film they saw her.
While we were there we did not feel anything that was strange. I didn't pick anything up on my EMF meter. When we came home and downloaded all the pics and audio we saw what looked like a woman standing behind the tree. Doug took the pic and was so happy he got his first pic of something. Also on my voice recorder I am asking if Lucy was around and if she had anything she would like to say, we picked up a woman's voice saying shoot the park which is the exact spot where Doug was standing when he took the pic of the woman. 
We found where the Robinson's were buried but we could not find Lucy's grave, that does not mean that she is not buried there, there is alot of very old tombstones that have no writing on them so one of the ones that we were looking at could be hers. 
I will be going back to see if I can pick up some more things. If you would like to check Lucy Run Cemetery out it is located in Amelia, Ohio.
If you have been there and seen or felt anything please share your stories. I would love to hear them.
Also please feel free to check out our group page on Facebook to see more pics..it's Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventure. 
All photos and videos are copyright of Doug and myself.

The Creek

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