Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dunham Park Ghost Hunt

We took a trip to Dunham Park to do a little ghost investigation. Before this was a park it was Guerley  Farm. In 1897, University Hospital started transferring tuberculosis patients to the farm. Back in theses days most people who had tuberculosis passed away from it, so you can only image how many of the thousand people have died on this land. The hospital is long gone from the grounds and has been replaced with a park, water park, and ball field. On the west side of the grounds sat the theater and laundry room. These 2 buildings are still  there. The theater is still used as a performing arts center and the laundry room is used as a garage for maintenance vehicles.
It is said that the park as well as every building is haunted. People have heard coughing when no one is around, doors will slam shut in theater building, and people will see figures walking in the hall way. In the garage people have seen a woman in a white nurses uniform walk into the building and then disappear. Some people have seen ghost of children or hear their voices. In the center of the park, this is where the main hospital use to stand. People have reported hearing coughing and moaning sounds. At night people have reported seeing figures walking around the park.
When we were there, we did not see anything but let me tell you when you are standing in the middle of the park you get a very sad feeling. It's like you can feel the sadness of all the sick and dying people that where here. It is a very creepy feeling. While standing there I used my voice recorder and I was asking if anyone was around that would like to say something and I picked up a whisper of a person saying help me.
You can visit this place anytime as it is a park but the only building you can enter is the theater building and the children's building, they are open to the public.
If you have been there and have seen or heard anything please feel free to share. To see more photos from our trip here check out our Facebook group page at Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures.
Dunham park is located at 4320 Guerley Road. Cincinnati, Ohio
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself
The field where the hospital once stood

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