Sunday, May 24, 2015

Big Bone Methodist Church

I live about 10 minutes from Big Bone Lick State Park. If you know anything about Big Bone, I am sure you know about it being haunted. There has been numerous accounts of unexplained sights and sounds all through the park. There has also been reports of people seeing full body apparitions and the voice of a little girl. The parks name is translated from the Shawnee Native American tribe, which named the park Big Bone Lick because of its salt spring deposits. It is also a national recognized treasure and an official stop on the Lewis and Clark trail. This park has a little bit of everything from campgrounds, fishing lakes, picnic areas, live Buffalo's, a nature center, a museum, it even has a cemetery. One of the buildings on that ground that is said to be haunted is the Methodist Church. I have been by this church more times then I can count and have never stopped to look at it. On this day we decided to walk around it and take some pics. I have heard numerous stories from local Sheriffs about this church. They all have told me the same thing. That the pastor of this church did something bad and then killed himself.  Since then people have heard footsteps upstairs when there is no one up there. They have an organ up there and it has been known to play by its self. 
Now for what we saw when we were there. This is a very old church and even in the day time you have this feeling that you are being watched when you are around the church. It is like a creepy feeling that something bad took place there. The church was padlocked when we were there so we did not go inside. We took a few pics and in one of the pics I took there is what appears to be the face of what looks like a man looking out the upstairs window at me. 
If you are in the area check out Big Bone Park you never know what you might see or hear. Big Bone is located at 3380 Beaver Road. Union, Ky.
Like I said we did not go in the building but a friend of mine did. His name is Xavier and he has his own blog that you should check out. He does an awesome job with it. He went with a local ghost hunting group when they did a investigation at the park and he took some pics inside the church. If you want to see what the church looks like inside go to his blog its    http://spooksandstuff.weebly.com/
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself. If you have been to Big Bone and have seen anything please feel free to share your story. Also if you want to see more pics from here and other haunted places join our Facebook group page at Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures. 

Face in the right window

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