Sunday, May 24, 2015

Big Bone Methodist Church

I live about 10 minutes from Big Bone Lick State Park. If you know anything about Big Bone, I am sure you know about it being haunted. There has been numerous accounts of unexplained sights and sounds all through the park. There has also been reports of people seeing full body apparitions and the voice of a little girl. The parks name is translated from the Shawnee Native American tribe, which named the park Big Bone Lick because of its salt spring deposits. It is also a national recognized treasure and an official stop on the Lewis and Clark trail. This park has a little bit of everything from campgrounds, fishing lakes, picnic areas, live Buffalo's, a nature center, a museum, it even has a cemetery. One of the buildings on that ground that is said to be haunted is the Methodist Church. I have been by this church more times then I can count and have never stopped to look at it. On this day we decided to walk around it and take some pics. I have heard numerous stories from local Sheriffs about this church. They all have told me the same thing. That the pastor of this church did something bad and then killed himself.  Since then people have heard footsteps upstairs when there is no one up there. They have an organ up there and it has been known to play by its self. 
Now for what we saw when we were there. This is a very old church and even in the day time you have this feeling that you are being watched when you are around the church. It is like a creepy feeling that something bad took place there. The church was padlocked when we were there so we did not go inside. We took a few pics and in one of the pics I took there is what appears to be the face of what looks like a man looking out the upstairs window at me. 
If you are in the area check out Big Bone Park you never know what you might see or hear. Big Bone is located at 3380 Beaver Road. Union, Ky.
Like I said we did not go in the building but a friend of mine did. His name is Xavier and he has his own blog that you should check out. He does an awesome job with it. He went with a local ghost hunting group when they did a investigation at the park and he took some pics inside the church. If you want to see what the church looks like inside go to his blog its    http://spooksandstuff.weebly.com/
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself. If you have been to Big Bone and have seen anything please feel free to share your story. Also if you want to see more pics from here and other haunted places join our Facebook group page at Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures. 

Face in the right window

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Florence Freedom Baseball Disney Night

I was not going to do this post but I decided to do it because I know the Freedom Ballgames are starting again and this is a really neat thing.
We went to the ballgame the night they were having Disney Night. Now come on I know I am old but every girl is a Princess..lol..
This is a really neat thing to take your little Princess to or your bigger Princess..lol.
When we were there they had everyone from Prince Charming to Snow White ( which is my favorite because as we all know I am pale as snow..lol..)
They also had Livvy Stubenrauch there, which is the voice of young Anna in the movie Frozen. She was such an adorable little girl.
I love Florence Freedom and I think it is neat all the theme night things they have. You can always find something that is fun and a good time for the whole family.
I think I read online that you can rent the park for Birthdays and have a Disney party, that would be so neat for a little girl. I am sure they would love to party with their Princess.
Florence Freedom is located at 7950 Freedom Way. Florence, Ky.
Their website is http://www.florencefreedom.com/
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post.
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself.

Young Anna from Frozen

Pumpkin Fest in Hamilton, Ohio

We took a trip to Hamilton, Ohio for the Pumpkin Fest and let me just start by saying "This was FREAKING AMAZING"!!!!!
I have never seen pumpkins that were carved like this. These people did an amazing job. One of the guys doing the carving was Jon Michaels. We met Jon about a year ago when he was doing an ice craving on Newport on the Levee. He is a very sweet guy and he is amazing at craving. It is so neat to see him take a block of ice or a pumpkin and turn it into a work of art. He is also the same guy who did some of the ice carving of the movies that I have a post on.
As you can tell from the pics they are some cool looking pumpkins.
This fest had rides and booths where you could buy everything from jewelry to food.
It is a fun thing to go to. If they have it again make sure you check it out.
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Canstruction Cincinnati 2015

We went and saw the 2015 Canstruction and like the 2 years before, this one did not disappoint.
If you do not know what Canstruction is, it is where very talented people build things out of can goods and then they are put on display. After the display time is over they donate all of the can goods to the Freestore food bank to help feed the hungry.  So you can not go wrong with something like this. Everyone wins, you get to see some AMAZING things made from cans and people who need help get it with the donation of the can goods.
Like I said this was the 3rd year that we have went and every year I am blown away with how talented these people are. I can not even draw a stick figure and they are making amazing things out of hundreds cans of food. 
I would highly recommend that you check this out next year, I am sure you will be amazed and in aw like I am every time I go. 
The art is located in Downtown Cincinnati and you can find the map online.
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself. 

William Henry Harrison Tomb

We visited the tomb of our 9th president, William Henry Harrison. I think it is so neat that you can find things like this in your own town. It is cool to know that someone who ran the United States of America is buried not far from where you live. Guess it is the history nerd in me that finds these things interesting. 
This is the final resting place of William Henry Harrison, his wife Anna, and their son John Scott Harrison, who was a Congressman and father to the 23 president Benjamin Harrison.
President Harrison passed away in 1841 just one month after taken office. He was original buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, in June of that year he was moved to his final resting place, which is the tomb. 
If you are into history then this is a place you should visit. When you get to the tomb the view of the Ohio River is beautiful. 
The tomb is located at Brower Road and Cliff Road. North Bend, Ohio.  
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dunham Park Ghost Hunt

We took a trip to Dunham Park to do a little ghost investigation. Before this was a park it was Guerley  Farm. In 1897, University Hospital started transferring tuberculosis patients to the farm. Back in theses days most people who had tuberculosis passed away from it, so you can only image how many of the thousand people have died on this land. The hospital is long gone from the grounds and has been replaced with a park, water park, and ball field. On the west side of the grounds sat the theater and laundry room. These 2 buildings are still  there. The theater is still used as a performing arts center and the laundry room is used as a garage for maintenance vehicles.
It is said that the park as well as every building is haunted. People have heard coughing when no one is around, doors will slam shut in theater building, and people will see figures walking in the hall way. In the garage people have seen a woman in a white nurses uniform walk into the building and then disappear. Some people have seen ghost of children or hear their voices. In the center of the park, this is where the main hospital use to stand. People have reported hearing coughing and moaning sounds. At night people have reported seeing figures walking around the park.
When we were there, we did not see anything but let me tell you when you are standing in the middle of the park you get a very sad feeling. It's like you can feel the sadness of all the sick and dying people that where here. It is a very creepy feeling. While standing there I used my voice recorder and I was asking if anyone was around that would like to say something and I picked up a whisper of a person saying help me.
You can visit this place anytime as it is a park but the only building you can enter is the theater building and the children's building, they are open to the public.
If you have been there and have seen or heard anything please feel free to share. To see more photos from our trip here check out our Facebook group page at Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures.
Dunham park is located at 4320 Guerley Road. Cincinnati, Ohio
All photos/videos are copyright of Doug and myself
The field where the hospital once stood