Sunday, April 12, 2015

Congress Green Cemetery Ghost Hunt

We went and check out the Congress Green Cemetery in Ohio. This cemetery was built by the man that founded North Bend ( as well as most of the Cincinnati area ). He is John Cleves Symmes. He had hoped that North Bend would become the jewel of southwest Ohio. He was also one of the first people to be buried in this cemetery in 1814. At this time the cemetery was called Pasture Graveyard. His son in law was President William Henry Harrison ( his tomb is on the parks property across form the cemetery, I will be doing a post on it also). His great grandson was President Benjamin Harrison. There is a sign in the park across the street from the cemetery and it tells the story of how John Scott Harrison's body was stolen. It says that in 1878 a man named John Scott Harrison died. He was the son of William Henry Harrison and the father of Benjamin Harrison.  He was taken to Congress Green Cemetery, where his children noticed that a grave had been disturbed and the body stolen. To try and prevent their father's body from being stolen, they buried him in a concrete vault without a marker. After the funeral, Benjamin Harrison went back to Indiana but his other son John Jr went to look for the body snatchers. He ended up the Cincinnati Medical College in downtown Cincinnati. When he entered the school to find out what was going on he found the body of his father John Scott Harrison, laying on a table about to be dissected. 
People say that John Scott Harrison and John Cleves Symmes both haunt this cemetery. They say that John Scott supposedly haunts it because of his grave being robbed. They say John Cleves haunts it because he is upset that North Bend did not become the jewel of southwest Ohio.
People have reported hearing voices and seeing figures walking around the cemetery. They will also see a strange mist rising from certain graves. Other people have reported seeing a man dressed in Civil War uniforms walking around the cemetery. 
Most of these sightings have taken place during the day so that would be your best time to go if you wanted to check this cemetery out. It does close at dusk and it is watched closely by the house next to the cemetery. 
While we were there we did not pick anything up or see anything. It is a very old cemetery that has a lot of history. So if you are like me and you like seeing older headstones check this place out and who knows you might get luck and see something.
The cemetery is located at 50 Cliff Road. North Bend, Ohio.
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Adath Israel Cemetery Ghost Hunt

We went and did a little investigation at Adath Israel Cemetery. This is a Jewish cemetery in Price Hill. In 1840 the cholera epidemic broke out and this cemetery filled up fast. As a result many Jewish communities throughout the area created more cemeteries and this was one of them. This cemetery filled to capacity and the congregation started another cemetery somewhere else in the city and stopped burials here. This cemetery is suppose to be haunted. Most of the stories that I have heard or read about all revolve around the caretakers building. This is a red brick building within the cemetery. People have said that all of the haunted things seem to take place in the basement. They said that a chair will move around by itself. Lights will come on by themselves. Some people have claimed to see a figure in the basement and hear voices when the basement is empty. The caretakers building is not the only haunted spot in this cemetery. People have reported seeing figures walking among the headstones, more so at night. While we were at the cemetery, we did not see an empty caretakers house so I am not sure if it is still there or not. We did see a red brick house that could be the caretakers house now but there is people living in this house and they were outside so I am sure they would not like you coming up to their house to look in the basement window. We walked around the cemetery which is on both side of the road. We did not see anything or pick anything up on the voice recorder. The sad part of this cemetery is that in 2008 a group of dumb asses vandalized several headstones and now the cemetery is watched more closely by the police and neighbors. 
If you go to this cemetery or any cemetery for that matter, please have some respect. These are people  loved ones that are buried there and it is so sad to see headstones treated like that.
Just because we did not see or hear anything does not mean that you wont. If you would like to visit the Adath Israel Cemetery it is located at 1661 Sunset Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. Just know that the cemetery does close at 9:00 p.m. so it is illegal to enter it after that time.
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