Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Haunted Old County Jail In Cynthiana, Ky.

We went to Cynthiana, Ky. to do a ghost investigation at a few places. One of the places that we investigated was the Old County Jail. This was a creepy place in its self and when we went through it, it was dark and damp and there is no electric in it. This place was full of paranormal things. I was standing in one of the cells and I heard knocking on one of the walls. Now these walls are about 10 inches thick and they are all concert so if someone ( living ) was in the other cell knocking on the wall there is no way you would hear it.
You get a very creepy feeling while in this place. It only has I think 4 cells in it and it is very cramped. 
You will feel all of the hair on your arms stand up while you are standing in the cells as if someone is watching you.
If you ever have the chance to investigated this place make sure you do. Maybe you will hear one of the inmates that passed away in the jail knocking on the walls.
If you have ever visited this place and have seen or heard anything comment and let me know I would love to hear what others have seen or heard.
If you would like to see more pics of the jail visit and like my Facebook group page, Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures. 
Some of the pics I am posting were taken with my night vision, infrared camera. My camera will not pick up dust or anything like that so when you see something it is real.
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything in exchange for doing this post. All photos are copyright of Doug and myself. 
Inside the cell

Inside the cell

Doug inside the cell

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