Sunday, March 1, 2015

Haunted Loudoun House, Lexington, Kentucky

When we were in Lexington we stopped by the Loudoun House. This is a beautiful building. It is a Gothic Revival mansion that was built in the 19th century. 
This use to be a private residence till the 20's when it was sold to the city of Lexington. It is now an art center. 
I love this building and I can see why it is suppose to be haunted. It looks like a house that you would see on top of a hill all by itself and those are the kind of houses that I love.
There has been reports of a back cat spirit seen all over this building. There has also been reports of two female apparitions in Victorian dresses. People have heard voices in the upstairs and have smelled perfume.
Like I said this is a beautiful mansion and it is well worth the time to check out, if not for the haunted part just for the history and architecture. 

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