Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fort Piqua Hotel

We took a trip to one of the largest cities in Miami County, Piqua, Ohio. We went there to visit one thing..the haunted Fort Piqua Hotel. OMG let me just say this is one of the most amazing beautiful buildings I have ever seen. It was built between 1890 and 1891. This hotel has had some famous people in history stay at it. There has been William Howard Taft and Teddy Roosevelt. 
This hotel has seen its share of problems. It is said that when the hotel was building its sewer system, one of the diggers was buried alive. There is also the story about some workers claim that while they were digging the basement they stumbled upon a bunch of skeletons and that a man committed suicide by hanging in a hotel room. There story that you hear the most that is very true is about a criminal and a police officer. During the 70's, the two men shot and killed each other in the hotel lobby. 
The ghost of a former waiter is seen walking around the building. People will hear strange things and see shadows. 
The hotel is home to Mulligan's pub, the Piqua public library, and Winans chocolate and coffees. 
We had lunch at Mulligan's pub and this place is great!!! They had great food and the service was on point. The inside of the pub is beautiful. If you are in Piqua make sure you stop in Mulligan's.
The only thing that is used upstairs is the banquet center which is located on the 4th floor so the only way you can see inside of it is to go to Mulligan's or the library. When we were there, we did not see or feel anything. But after I got home and we downloaded our photos in the upstairs window on the left hand side we took a pic of what looks like a nurse or a nun in the window. 
This building is well worth the trip. Even if you don't see anything you will LOVE this building. I am a history buff and I love old buildings with history and this one has alot of it. Also if you are like me and you like architecture then this is the place for you. I mean come on its not every day that you see a building that has faces built into it. Yes I said faces and they were so cool.
Also the town of Fort Piqua is a nice little town to spend the day. They have little shops and antiques. 
Fort Piqua is located at corner of Main and High street in Piqua, Ohio. 
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Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All photos are copyright of Doug and myself.
Mulligan's Pub

The photo of what looks like a nurse or a nun on the left side of the window

Some of the faces in the building

More faces


  1. Man, this place looks great! I have never been to Piqua... now I have an excuse to go!

  2. It is a very nice town. You should make a trip there sometimes and check it and the hotel out.