Saturday, March 28, 2015

Camp Dennison ghost hunt

We took a trip to Camp Dennison Ohio to visit the old Civil War training camp for Ohio soldiers.
The camp was named after Ohio's Governor William Dennison. There was hospitals on the sight that helped cared for the wounded soldier. Many soldiers died there and were buried at the nearby cemetery.
When this was a training ground for the soldiers, there was a train track that was there. It ran through where the camp was. It is now gone and a bike trail is there. 
Some of the ghost stories that have been told is people have seen a man dressed in a Civil War uniform while walking on the bike trail. At the cemetery people will see dark figures walking around at night and also they have heard screams or crying. 
I will tell you what we seen or heard or felt while we were there.
We went to the cemetery first,while we were there we did not see or hear anything. I turned on my voice recorder and asked question and did not pick anything up nor did I get any spikes on my emf meter. But when we were walking around in the cemetery it was a little cold out but not to bad, for some reason I could not stop my right hand and arm from shaking. Every time I would hold up my camera it would do that. Also there was one grave that I was drawn to. I could not keep from walking around this grave and looking at it. This is a older cemetery that does not look like it has had any recent burials in it. It is very well kept and small. 
When we got to the bike trail we went to this one park that had a cannon and a memorial to some of the soldiers. This is the area where I got some amazing things. My emf meter was going crazy at this one spot. I checked to make sure there was no power lines around to make it go off and there was not. Doug was reading a plaque about a man named Alfred that was a surgeon and helped with the soldiers so he said it could be him making the meter spiked so I turned on my voice recorder and started asking Alfred questions. When we came home and I downloaded my voice recorder and was playing it back you hear me ask Alfred if he has anything he would like to say and about 3 seconds later you can hear a mans voice say surgeon. Also you can hear a train on the recording and there is no train tracks near there. Now remember when this was the training camp there use to be a train track that was there.
When we walked onto the bike trail in a couple of spots my meter started going off again. I did not pick anything up there on my voice recorder just the spike on the meter. 
I did not pick anything up in photos. I truly believe that this place is a hot bed of paranormal. With all of the soldiers that have lost their lives there and all that has happened  there has be something still hanging around there. Even if you don't see or hear anything this place has a sad feeling to it. It's like you get a feeling of how many men lost their lives here when you are standing looking at the park. 
Since the bike trail is public they are open at night. If you park your car in the parking lot they have, you have a hour after sunset to be out so that will give you enough time to investigate the trail. The cemetery does close at night so do not enter it when it is dark or you will get in trouble. But you can stand outside the gate and look into the cemetery and see if you can see anything. I am going to go back at night and take some pics with my night vision camera and see what I can see.
All in all I was very happy with our experience we had while here.
Camp Dennison is located at 7650 Glendale Milford Road. Camp Dennison, Ohio.
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All photos are copyright of Doug and myself.   Happy Haunting :)

The grave that I was drawn to 

The spot where I picked up the mans voice and train sound

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