Sunday, February 15, 2015

Peter's Cartridge Company

I have heard a lot about Peter's Cartridge Company being haunted so I decided to take a drive and check the building out. This building was built in the 1860's as a munitions factory that helped supply the Union Army during the Civil War. When it went out of business it was bought by Remington to make ammunition. This factory has seen its share of tragedy. Many workers died in a explosion at the site. In August of 1940, three men were killed in another explosion at the plant. Today the building houses  several small business. 
This building is falling in and is in really bad shape which is very sad. I hate to see a building that looks like this one just falling apart. 
I can see why ghost would be seen and heard here. This building sits by itself and is a very creepy looking building. There is a bike trail that runs between the factory and the Little Miami River. 
The ghost that haunt this building are of those that have died in the accidents that took place here. People have heard footsteps on the upper floor of the building when there is no one there. People have been outside the building and have seen figures standing in the upstairs windows that will suddenly disappear. There has also been reports of screams coming from the building. While we were there, we walked all around the building and let me just say this is one hell of a creepy building. It did not help that there was big black crows sitting on top of the building like they were standing guard. As we were walking around the building you get the feeling that someone is watching you. I could swear that we saw something looking out the window at us. You also get a sad feeling when you are there, like you can feel the despair of the people who have died there.
If you go and visit this building DO NOT TRY TO ENTER IT. It is guarded and monitored by the police and owners. There is signs posted all over. You can try and talk to the owners to get permission to enter the building. 
If you want to see the building just stay on the bike trail that runs besides it, you will be able to see the building and maybe see someone looking at you from one of the windows. Trust me, you will still get a creepy feeling just being outside of this building. 
It is located at 1915 Grandin Road. Kings Mills, Ohio. If you want to see more photos please check out my Facebook group page at Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures. 

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