Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hillforest Mansion

We took a trip to Aurora, Indiana to visit the Hilforest Mansion. This is a beautiful mansion that is so full of history and ghost. Oh yes I said ghost as this mansion is not only beautiful but it is very haunted. 
If you don't know anything about the mansion, I will give you a little run down of the history. 
This mansion sits up on a hill and overlooks the Ohio river. From 1855 to 1891 this was the home of Thomas Gaff and his family. Mr. Gaff was a industrialist and a financier. The main parts of his business was shipping and riverboats. If you look at the front of the house it resembles a riverboat.
There is so much history with the Gaff and his family. I will list the web page so you can read more about him and what a smart business man he was.
As we were taken our tour, we had a very nice lady who told us so much about the history of the house and the family. I asked her about the house being haunted and she said yes it was, they just don't bring it up unless someone ask about it. 
She said that one of the other ladies was giving a tour and felt like someone ran passed her. She continued to give her tour and one of the ladies that was in the tour asked her if she didn't feel that person pass by her. 
When we went upstairs to see the bedrooms she said that one of the ladies who works there was in the Gaff master bedroom and she was cleaning it up and she fixed the bed and when she came back into the room the bed looked like someone had laid in it, she said you could see the outline of a body. I know in that room you got a feeling like someone was watching you to make sure you were not messing with anything. 
Our tour guide also showed us a picture that was taken when they had a construction crew in the house redoing the stairs. In the photo there was a lot of orbs. It was like someone was watching them to make sure they didn't do anything they didn't like. 
I can see why this house would be haunted. When you have something like this house and you lived there for so long it would be hard to let it go even in death.
If you visit the house for a tour just know that you can not take pictures in the house.
Our guide did give us the name and number of a lady who runs the house and we are going to be able to do a ghost investigation  so then we will be able to take photos and videos.
Even though you can not take pics, I would still visit and learn the history and see this beautiful mansion. And if you are into ghost hunting you can still take your EMF meter and a voice recorder  and see if you get any hits in any of the rooms. 
This is the web page for the mansion http://www.hillforest.org
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The view from the house

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