Sunday, February 8, 2015

Habits Cafe

We had lunch at Habits Cafe and let me just start this post by saying if you want great food, great service and friendly people then this is a place you should go to.
While we where having lunch, I was finally able to meet the manger of Habits Mr. Brian Dobbins. If you have not heard of him then you really should look him up. He is an amazing author. I love his books and I was lucky enough to get one of my books signed by him while I was at Habits. He is also one of the nicest people I have met. 
If you are in to haunted places then you should check out Habits. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this place is haunted.
In the 40's there was a police officer that was shot in the basement of Habits. People will sometimes hear footsteps in the basement when no one is down there. Some people have even seen full body apparitions. 
Brian also told Doug and myself something that happened to him while he was on a break and having some lunch at the bar. 
I love Habits. The food we had was amazing and I loved hearing all about the haunted things that have taken place in this building.
I would like to thank Brian for taken the time to talk with us, sign my book and pose for pictures. 
I can not say enough good things about him, Habits, the food, and all the people we came in contact with while we were there.
Habits is located at 3036 Madison Road. Cincinnati. They are in the heart of Oakley Square. Go and have some great food and ask about their ghost, they wont mind sharing some stories with you.
I mean come on great food, a haunted building and ghost stories..I was one very happy woman. 
Disclaimer: I did not receive anything for doing this post. 

With the very talented Brian Dobbins

The best chicken tenders I have had

Doug's Fish


  1. Sounds wonderful and I am definitely going to check it out.

  2. Hey, that sounds interesting. That's pretty cool that you met an author you admire!

    1. This place is awesome!!! If you are close to it stop in for lunch or dinner and if Brian is there talk to him about the ghost. He is a super nice guy.