Sunday, January 4, 2015

Transylvania University Visit

We took a trip to visit Transylvania University. Not only do I love the name of this place and it is beautiful but it is also said to be haunted so you  know that is why I went. 
Transylvania is a beautiful college. It is also the oldest college west of the Alleghenies. It was established in 1780. There is also the Old Morrison which is a massive Greek Revival style building. This is the building that holds the tomb of Constantine Rafinesque. He was a nineteenth century professor who was fired for missing to many days of class. When he was fired it is said that he put a curse on the school.  Every 7 years it is said that something has happened at the school. There has been murders and suicides. Students have seen things and heard things that could not be explained. His tomb is located under the Old Morrison building. 

If you visit Transylvania you can check out the Old Morrison building. It is open to the public and you are free to roam around the grounds of the school. Who knows you just might see Professor Constantine :)
Transylvania is located at 300 N. Broadway. Lexington, Ky.
All photos are copyright of Doug and myself


  1. This is a great school with a beautiful campus AND some strange history! Jefferson Davis went there too!

  2. WOW I didn't know that he went there also. That is so neat. I think it is awesome that we have so much amazing history pretty much in our own backyard