Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hunt Morgan House

While in Lexington we visited the  Hunt Morgan house. This house is very pretty and it is also haunted. 
This house was built in 1814 by John Wesley, the city's first millionaire. 
One of the people that is said to haunt the house is Bouviette James a slave who was a nursemaid to the Morgan children. She was very close to the family and the kids. She passed away after the Civil war and was buried in the Hunt family plot in the Lexington Cemetery. It is said that she can be seen looking after children that have lived in the house and watching over them. She loved the house and the Hunt Morgan's so it is only fitting that she would watch over any children that lived in the house. 
Hunt Morgan house is located at 201 North Mill Street. Lexington, Ky.
The house is now a museum so if you have the chance take a tour of it and who knows maybe you will see the ghost of Bouviette watching over the place.


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