Sunday, January 4, 2015

Castle Post in Lexington, Kentucky

If you know me then you know I have an obsession with castles. There is something so magical about them. So you know I would have to take a trip to Lexington, Ky. to see what use to be called the Martin Castle but is now known as Castle Post. This is a beautiful castle that was original built in 1969 by it's original owners, now it is a hotel. I loved this building. It is so pretty and well kept. It sets way back off the road on a little hill. You can see it as you are driving down the highway. 
As I was walking around looking at the building, you almost feel like you are in mid evil times. I thought the only thing that was missing was a dragon and when I walked around the back of the building what did I happen to see???? Yep that's right, I saw a DRAGON...now yes I know he was a water fountain but still he was a dragon none the less. 
If you are in Lexington, Ky. make sure you stop by and check this places out. If you are like me and you love castles you will love this place.
It is located at 230 Pisgah Pike. 
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All photos are the copyright of Doug and myself. 

My Dragon :)


  1. Lyinn! You were almost in our backyard! This place is so cool, and it hasn't been that accessible up until a couple of years ago. It is beautiful though!

  2. I didn't know you lived that close. I love that place, it is so beautiful and different. It's not every day you drive down the highway and see a castle..lol..