Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sharon Woods Heritage Village Ghost Investigation

On Saturday 10/25/2014, we did a ghost investigation at Sharon Woods Heritage Village. We were with the nice people from Cornerstone Paranormal. We did our own investigation, they just took us into the buildings and told us the history of what happened there. Now I have been on alot of ghost hunts but I have to say this place was creepy as hell. In a few of the houses I was picking up lights of energy or spirits flying around on my night vision infrared camera. At first we though it was dust but one of the guys from Cornerstone that was with us had an infrared camera and his will not pick up dust, plus when you shined the flashlight you can tell the dust was stationary so it was not blowing around, what I picked up was flashes of light that was flying all around us. I was filming them and in one of the videos you can see this big ball of light being thrown at us. ( I will post a still photo of it that I took from the video). The video is also posted at the bottom of this page.
But wait that's not all we saw and heard while there. Oh no..while in one of the houses as we were downstairs you could hear someone walking upstairs and no one was in the house but us. 
In one of the buildings that use to be a store, we were all siting around in the dark and one of the guys on the investigation with us set his flashlight on the table and the guys from Cornerstone was asking questions using a ghost box. One of the questions he asked was if the spirit could turn the flashlight on about 2 or 3 minutes later the flashlight came on. We were all like what the hell...lol..
All in all this is a really neat place to do an investigation. If you ever have the change to do one there don't pass it up and if you ever get to go with the people from Cornerstone Paranormal go. They are a very friendly group of people.   
If you would like to see all the videos and pics we took from this place as well as other haunted places go to my facebook group page which is Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures. 
Bottom Right the ball of light being thrown at us

The room we were in where the flashlight came on. See the orb on the back wall??

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