Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mount St. Joseph Cemetery Dollhouse tombstone

I am the kind of person that loves to visit cemetery's. I love the old ones. I can walk around and look at all the old tombstones for hours. They hold so much history and some of them hold spirits also. One day we were at Mount St. Joseph cemetery and we came across this tombstone from the 1800's that belonged to three children. The thing that was so unique about this tombstone is, it's a dollhouse.  It has little rooms in it with some furniture and a little stuffed giraffe. This was so neat to see and to see that it was built in the 1800's and is still standing now. I have a emf voice recorder and I laid it next to the grave and asked if any of the children would like to talk to us. I walked away and when I came back my recorder had turned itself off. Doug took a pic of the tombstone before we walked off and left my voice recorder and in the pic he caught a big orb.
If you would like to see the dollhouse tombstone it is located in the Mount St. Joseph cemetery at 4500 Foley Road.Cincinnati, Ohio.
The tombstone is in section 2.
If you would like to see more photos of the tombstone check out my facebook group page it is Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures.

Doug's Orb photo

Sharon Woods Heritage Village Ghost Investigation

On Saturday 10/25/2014, we did a ghost investigation at Sharon Woods Heritage Village. We were with the nice people from Cornerstone Paranormal. We did our own investigation, they just took us into the buildings and told us the history of what happened there. Now I have been on alot of ghost hunts but I have to say this place was creepy as hell. In a few of the houses I was picking up lights of energy or spirits flying around on my night vision infrared camera. At first we though it was dust but one of the guys from Cornerstone that was with us had an infrared camera and his will not pick up dust, plus when you shined the flashlight you can tell the dust was stationary so it was not blowing around, what I picked up was flashes of light that was flying all around us. I was filming them and in one of the videos you can see this big ball of light being thrown at us. ( I will post a still photo of it that I took from the video). The video is also posted at the bottom of this page.
But wait that's not all we saw and heard while there. Oh no..while in one of the houses as we were downstairs you could hear someone walking upstairs and no one was in the house but us. 
In one of the buildings that use to be a store, we were all siting around in the dark and one of the guys on the investigation with us set his flashlight on the table and the guys from Cornerstone was asking questions using a ghost box. One of the questions he asked was if the spirit could turn the flashlight on about 2 or 3 minutes later the flashlight came on. We were all like what the hell...lol..
All in all this is a really neat place to do an investigation. If you ever have the change to do one there don't pass it up and if you ever get to go with the people from Cornerstone Paranormal go. They are a very friendly group of people.   
If you would like to see all the videos and pics we took from this place as well as other haunted places go to my facebook group page which is Lyinn and Doug's Haunted Adventures. 
Bottom Right the ball of light being thrown at us

The room we were in where the flashlight came on. See the orb on the back wall??

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lane Hooven House

While we were in Hamilton, Ohio we took a drive to see the Lane Hooven House. Now if you know me then you know I love architecture so this house was an amazing work of art. This is a restored octagonal house and was once the home to Clark Lane, a prominent Hamilton industrialist. This is one of only 400 octagonal structures in the United States. I loved this house. It is so beautiful and the details are breathtaking. If you are in the Hamilton, Ohio area check this house out and  make sure you look at the roof and all the colors it has on it.
The house is located at 319 North Third Street. Hamilton, Ohio

Blooms and Berries Farm Visit

We took a little trip to Bloom and Berries Farm Market. This is a beautiful farm with lots of things to see and do. We basically went for two reason. One being that Doug wanted to practice some of his photo skills and I was the model and the second reason was, when we went it was their Sunflower show. I love Sunflowers they are one of my favorite flowers. This place did not disappoint with the Sunflowers. There seemed to be miles and miles of them. They were so pretty and you could cut some to bring home with you for I think fifty cents a stem.
They were so beautiful.  Sunflowers is not all this place has so don't feel like you wont see anything if you go because the Sunflowers are over. This places has hayrides, a corn maze that is 7 acres big and shaped like a tractor. Yes you read that right 7 acres ( hello children of the corn..lol..), they have some very cute farm animals and so much more. They also sell pumpkins, produce, fruit and so much more. Oh and they also have some of the biggest and most unique looking gourds I have ever seen. I saw this one and he was shaped like a dragon..OMG I was so in love and yes he came home with me. They also have this outhouse that has these plastic legs with pants pulled down and when you set in the outhouse and put your legs up against them, they look like your legs..so funny and cute.  All the people who work there that we came in contact with were so friendly and nice. I really love this place and if you are looking to have some beautiful fall photos taken this is the place to go ( and if you need a great photographer hit up Doug as you can see from my photos he is amazing..if he can make me look that good then he is good..lol..)
Blooms and Berries is located at 9669 S. St. Rt. 48. Loveland, Ohio. 
Check out their web page at http://www.bloomsandberriesfarmmarket.com
I know you will have a blast at this place and if you have kids they will love it!!!
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. 

Doug's amazing photos 

When you gotta go..lol..

Inside the corn maze 

Loved his hair
Some of Doug's amazing photos 

Taken my little guy home :)

Doug in the outhouse...lol..

My little guy waiting for me to take him home..lol..
Home in my yard