Saturday, August 30, 2014

Indigenous in O'Bryonville


This week we went to an art and craft store in O'Bryonville, a neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio located on 2010 Madison Road. A presentation was going on there called Modern Marbles which was made up of handmade art glass orbs (marbles). This is done every two years in August and showcased at Indigenous. It ends August 31st so hurry and get out there to the store. 

We were met by a lady ,who worked at the store ( I didn't get her name ) (if you know her, let us know and we will give her props) she was nice, accommodating, answered our questions and was, I think, surprised by me asking permission if I could take photos, which she graciously said I could.   

Among the "marbles" and in surrounding areas of the store where books of art, pictures, postcards ect., along with just about any handcrafted items you may want, including wind chimes, sun catchers, pottery, jewelry, wood crafts, stained glass and what looked to be robots made from an old dial telephone, or a ham container to a small refrigerator robot. 

If you don't get to see the marbles, please go to the store to take in the other handcrafted items it has to offer. We went to the store without invitation, we were not paid to do this, we were not given items in exchange, as this is our own opinion in what we observed.

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