Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ulysses S Grant Boyhood Home

When we took a tour of Grant's boyhood school house, we also toured his boyhood home. This is a beautiful house that holds alot of history. 
It is also neat to know that Ulysses lived in this house longer then any other house in his lifetime.
The tour guide we had at the house was very nice and gave us alot of information about the house and the Grant's. After your guided tour you are allowed to go back through the house and look around and take photos. 
We had a great time on this tour and learning more about our 18th President. There is a animatronic display of Ulysses when he was 15 but it was not working when we were there:(
The house also has the original crib on display that Ulysses used as a baby.
The thing I found to be very strange was in the hall way where you would come in the front door they had Ulysses hat on a table. There is no light in that part of the room and no windows. When we were walking around on our own, I had Doug take a picture of me wearing the hat. In the picture there is like this fog all around me. After we downloaded the pictures, I enlarged that pic to look at it bigger and in the door there is an image of a face. I wonder if Ulysses doesn't like people touching his hat.
I would recommend that everyone who loves history take this tour. 
The house is located at 219 East Grant Avenue. Georgetown, Ohio
It is $3.00 to take the tour and that covers the tour for his boyhood schoolhouse also. 
Declaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post.

Ulysses Hat

Ulysses Hat. The pic with the fog and face

Ulysses Crib

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