Saturday, June 21, 2014

Incline Public House Restaurant

The day we visited The Cone for ice cream, we went to Incline Public House for lunch. This is a great place to go. They have everything from pizzas to burgers all made with fresh locally sourced ingredients. 
Incline sits atop a hill in Price Hill and it overlooks Cincinnati. 
The view at  this place is amazing. You can see all over Cincinnati. You can either be seated inside or out. We chose outside since it was a nice a day and I wanted to see the view while I ate my lunch. While we were waiting for a seat, we were sitting inside and that's just as pretty. You can look out the windows and see the beautiful view. You can also see into the kitchen and the stone oven that makes the pizzas.
The service is the best I have seen in a long time. People we always asking the waiters to take pictures of them and I never once saw one that acted like this was a issue or they were putting them out.
Our server was so polite and sweet. She made sure we were ok and having a good lunch. 
I had the IPH Salad and I added the blacked chicken. It was so good and they give you alot of it. Doug had the Incline Public House Pastrami with onion rings.
I like the fact that if you are in the mood for a pizza you can create your own. 
We are going to go back again when it is dark out and take some pictures of the skyline at night. I am sure it is beautiful.
If you are looking for a great place to go for lunch or dinner that has a wonderful view and amazing service check out Incline Public House.
They are located at 2601 W 8th Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Disclaimer: I m not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All opinions  stated are my own. 

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