Sunday, June 8, 2014

Endora From The T.V. Show Bewitched Grave

If you are like me, you most likely grew up watching the T.V. show bewitched. 
I was a big fan of the show and one of my favorite character on the show was Agnes Moorehead, who played Endora. She was bewitched ( Samantha ) mother. I thought she was great on the show ( and she was a redhead also ). When we went to Dayton, Ohio a couple of weeks ago Doug took me to see her crypt. I did not know she grew up and was buried so close to where I am from. When we went to visit her vault you can tell that she still has to this day a large following. Her vault was decorated with flowers, a leopard print scarf, a big pink boa and pictures of her. There is also a old looking pair of handcuffs on her vault.
If you would like to visit her, she is buried in the Dayton Memorial Park. It is located at 8135 N. Dixie Drive. Dayton, Ohio. 
She is all the way in the back of the cemetery in what is called the Abbey building. It is on the widest part of the road past two smaller mausoleums. When you enter the building go up the flight of steps and then
turn left she is down the hall on the left hand side. She is buried next to her mom.

The Abby Building

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