Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Camp Washington Chili

We had lunch a couple of days ago at Camp Washington Chili. This is a really good chili place. They have been in business for over 60 years. They opened in 1940 and they are open six days a week 24 hours a day ( they are closed on Sundays ). Camp Washington Chili has a old time diner look to me. They have booths you can set in or you can set at the counter. When we went in, we just took a seat ourselves. The services was fast and when our food came it was nice and hot. I had a bowl of chili and a cheese cones and Doug had chili cheese fries and a cheese cones. They were good. The waitress we had was very sweet and friendly. I saw on their menu that they also serve breakfast and you can order it anytime of the day.  But here comes the part I couldn't get over. When we were there, there was one other person there. He left and a gentleman came in as did a couple so there was 5 customers in the restaurant. While we were sitting there the other waitress kept complaining about other people who work there and they were loud. They were cussing and talking about people. I really don't think that is how you should act when you are working around people. We could hear every word they were saying. The only person that I didn't hear saying anything was the lady that was waiting on us. I liked the food and I love the way this place looks on the inside but I don't think I could go back there because of the way the employees were acting. Before we left all the employees but about 2 were outside. 
If you would like to try Camp Washington Chili they are located at 3005 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. You might have a better experience then we did. 
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