Saturday, June 21, 2014

Incline Public House Restaurant

The day we visited The Cone for ice cream, we went to Incline Public House for lunch. This is a great place to go. They have everything from pizzas to burgers all made with fresh locally sourced ingredients. 
Incline sits atop a hill in Price Hill and it overlooks Cincinnati. 
The view at  this place is amazing. You can see all over Cincinnati. You can either be seated inside or out. We chose outside since it was a nice a day and I wanted to see the view while I ate my lunch. While we were waiting for a seat, we were sitting inside and that's just as pretty. You can look out the windows and see the beautiful view. You can also see into the kitchen and the stone oven that makes the pizzas.
The service is the best I have seen in a long time. People we always asking the waiters to take pictures of them and I never once saw one that acted like this was a issue or they were putting them out.
Our server was so polite and sweet. She made sure we were ok and having a good lunch. 
I had the IPH Salad and I added the blacked chicken. It was so good and they give you alot of it. Doug had the Incline Public House Pastrami with onion rings.
I like the fact that if you are in the mood for a pizza you can create your own. 
We are going to go back again when it is dark out and take some pictures of the skyline at night. I am sure it is beautiful.
If you are looking for a great place to go for lunch or dinner that has a wonderful view and amazing service check out Incline Public House.
They are located at 2601 W 8th Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Disclaimer: I m not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All opinions  stated are my own. 

The Cone

We took a drive and visited The Cone in West Chester, Ohio. If you like ice cream then this is the place for you. I loved the building, it is shaped like an ice cream cone, so darn cute. 
The cone opened in 1995 and it is a family operated business that has been serving ice cream since 1973. 
This place is awesome!!! And if you have kids this is the place to take them. They have small rides outside that have everything from Cat In The Hat to Clifford. And if you have kids or adults that are into video games they have a room full of them  inside the building. 
The service at this place is excellent and they have all kinds of ice cream and they also have ice cream cakes.
I had the small waffle cone with vanilla ice cream and of course sprinkles ( I mean come on, I'm 44 going on 12..lol.). I am not sure what Doug ordered but it looked good. Like I said my cone was a size small and it was huge. They give you alot. I am not a big fan of ice cream but I do like this place. 
I would highly recommend you checking this place out. You will not be disappointed. The ice cream is great and the service is outstanding.
The Cone is located at 6855 Tylersville Road. West Chester, Ohio.
Their web page is http://www.thecone.com
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All opinions stated are my own. 

Love this water fountain 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Giant Duct Man

When we were having lunch at Camp Washington Chili, we decided to drive about a block from there and go see the Giant Duct Man. Now as you can tell I love anything weird or strange so this was right down my alley. 
This thing looks like a giant robot and he is made from industrial duct work. He stands a whopping 20 feet tall. 
If you are like me and you like strange things that you just don't see everyday then you will love this guy.
He is located at 1366 Hopple Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Camp Washington Chili

We had lunch a couple of days ago at Camp Washington Chili. This is a really good chili place. They have been in business for over 60 years. They opened in 1940 and they are open six days a week 24 hours a day ( they are closed on Sundays ). Camp Washington Chili has a old time diner look to me. They have booths you can set in or you can set at the counter. When we went in, we just took a seat ourselves. The services was fast and when our food came it was nice and hot. I had a bowl of chili and a cheese cones and Doug had chili cheese fries and a cheese cones. They were good. The waitress we had was very sweet and friendly. I saw on their menu that they also serve breakfast and you can order it anytime of the day.  But here comes the part I couldn't get over. When we were there, there was one other person there. He left and a gentleman came in as did a couple so there was 5 customers in the restaurant. While we were sitting there the other waitress kept complaining about other people who work there and they were loud. They were cussing and talking about people. I really don't think that is how you should act when you are working around people. We could hear every word they were saying. The only person that I didn't hear saying anything was the lady that was waiting on us. I liked the food and I love the way this place looks on the inside but I don't think I could go back there because of the way the employees were acting. Before we left all the employees but about 2 were outside. 
If you would like to try Camp Washington Chili they are located at 3005 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. You might have a better experience then we did. 
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. All opinions posted are my own. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Endora From The T.V. Show Bewitched Grave

If you are like me, you most likely grew up watching the T.V. show bewitched. 
I was a big fan of the show and one of my favorite character on the show was Agnes Moorehead, who played Endora. She was bewitched ( Samantha ) mother. I thought she was great on the show ( and she was a redhead also ). When we went to Dayton, Ohio a couple of weeks ago Doug took me to see her crypt. I did not know she grew up and was buried so close to where I am from. When we went to visit her vault you can tell that she still has to this day a large following. Her vault was decorated with flowers, a leopard print scarf, a big pink boa and pictures of her. There is also a old looking pair of handcuffs on her vault.
If you would like to visit her, she is buried in the Dayton Memorial Park. It is located at 8135 N. Dixie Drive. Dayton, Ohio. 
She is all the way in the back of the cemetery in what is called the Abbey building. It is on the widest part of the road past two smaller mausoleums. When you enter the building go up the flight of steps and then
turn left she is down the hall on the left hand side. She is buried next to her mom.

The Abby Building