Saturday, May 31, 2014

Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory 2014

We went to the Butterfly show at the Krohn and if you love Butterflies then this is one show that you don't want to miss. 
This year the Butterflies are the Pura Vida Butterflies of Costa Rica. There were thousands of butterflies in one room and they were beautiful. 
They give you this little round card and if you are lucky a butterfly will land on the card while you are holding it. You are not allowed to touch the butterflies or pick them up, but all you have to do is stand or sit in one spot for awhile and one will land on you. 
This was my first time going to the butterfly show ( they have them every year with different themes ) but I will be going to more of them. It was so neat to see these animals up close. I know I don't see many butterflies where I live anymore so to see so many of them in one place is pretty neat. They had all colors of butterflies and some were just solid colors, but each one was very unique in its own way.
The only thing that I found wrong with the show is it is so hot in the room where the butterflies are. They have to keep it that way for them so if you go just keep that in mind. 
You will also be checked on your way out to make sure no little butterflies try to go home with you.
The Butterfly show runs till June 22,2014. This would be a nice thing to take your dad to for Fathers Day. Doug took my dad before me and him went and my dad loved it.
Krohn Conservatory is located at 1501 Eden Park Drive. Cincinnati, Ohio.
The cost is: Adults $7.00, Seniors $6.00, Children over 4 $4.00, and Children under 4 are free.
Disclaimer: I did receive free tickets to the butterfly show but all opinions stated are my own.  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lytle Park Visit

It was a pretty day so we decided to go to Lytle Park and look at all the beautiful flowers they have. Lytle Park is not a big park, it is only 2.31 acres but it is a peaceful and pretty park. It is the original site of the Lytle family homestead, that was built in 1809. 
There is a 11 foot tall bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln that stands at the end of the park. The park also has the Taft Museum ( more on that in another post ).
This is a nice park to go and take a walk and look at all the beautiful flowers or to sit on a bench and read or take in the sights. They also have a little playground so the kiddies can play.
Lytle park is located at Fourth and Lawrence Street. Cincinnati, Ohio

World's Largest Horseshoe Crab

If you know me or if you have read any of my other blog post then you know I love strange and weird things. So I had to take a trip to see the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab. It is rated top 5 roadside attraction and for all of you Twilight movie fans it was seen in the Eclipse movie. 
This was really neat to see. It measures 28 feet wide, 68 feet long, and 12 feet tall. It is also hollowed out so you can go underneath it. He sits next to the Freedom Worship Baptist Church and the pastor there calls the crab "Crabby". Crabby was intended to go to Baltimore nautical museum but it went bankrupt. It was then bought by the Creation Museum in Kentucky but it was to big for their theater, so it was given to the Freedom Worship Church in 2006. It took 5 semis to deliver the crab. In 2008 a motorcyclist jumped over Crabby. 
If you go and visit Crabby be sure and check out the church grounds. They have a Scripture Garden that features plants found in the bible and they also have a representation of Jesus tomb. This is a very pretty place to go and visit and the grounds are beautiful. It is strange to see a huge crab sitting next to a church, but it is also neat to know that these things are not far from us. 
Crabby is located at 664 West Main Street ( Route 28 ) Blanchester, Ohio.
They are opened every day during daylight hours and there is no cost to see Crabby or to walk the grounds. 

Inside Crabby

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wolf Creek Habitat. The most AMAZING experience that I have ever had.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a BIG animal lover. So last Sunday May 4th, 2014, I had one of the most AMAZING experience that I think I will ever have in my life. Doug took me to Wolf Creek Habitat. Not only did I get to see wolves, I also got to go into the enclosures and play, pet, and get tons of wolf kisses. Let me just say I was in heaven. I know this is an experience that I will treasure for a life time. The lady that took us in to the wolves was so very sweet and friendly. She told us so much about the wolves and were they came from and how they care for them. Wolf Creek Habitat was founded in 2000 by Terry and Kathy Baudendistel. They do not charge you to look at the wolves but they do accept donation. If you go into interact with the wolves they charge you a $20.00 donation. It is so well worth the $20.00. If you just want to view the wolves they have a raised platform that you can stand on and watch them, this is were Doug stayed and took photos. I took my dad into the first group, then I went into the next group without him. In that group there was 3 wolves and they were so playful and fun. 
I am a fan of the show Vampire Diaries and one of the actors Ian Somerhalder is a big fan of Wolf Creek. If you check out their web page they have a link that will tell you about him and what he has to say about Wolf Creek.
I have been to alot of places and have seen alot of things in my 44 years of life, but I have to say this topped everything that I have ever seen and done. I think it is so wonderful that these people take care of these animals and keep them safe. Without people like them, these beautiful animals would be killed. 
I am planning on going back in the winter so Doug can get some photos of the wolves in the snow and I hope I get wolf kisses again :)
Wolf Creek Habitat is located at 14099 Wolf Creek Road. Brookville, In. When you are going to their place just a word of warning the road is very narrow so just take your time in case another car is coming the other way.
Their website is www.wolfcreekhabitat.org
They are only open on the weekends. 
Disclaimer: I am not getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post. We paid more then the amount to interact with the wolves and for the gifts  we bought. 

The closet I will be to Ian Somerhalder 

Butler-Turpin State Historic House

The last place we visited in Carrollton was the Butler- Turpin State Historic House. This like the Masterson house is very beautiful. This is a two story home that was built in 1859 by Mary Ellen and Philip Turpin along with Mary Ellen's father, Thomas Langford Butler. Slaves built the house with bricks made on site. This is such a beautiful house and it sits up on a hill. Like the Masterson house, the Butler- Turpin house does tours and also has a family cemetery. The land of this house is also beautiful. When we were there they were not open for tours. I loved this house. It is hard to believe when you look at it that it is as old as it is. 
It is located in the General Butler State Resort Park.
Disclaimer: I am getting paid nor did I receive anything for doing this post.